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Nothing screams quality like cheesy synth chorus hits.

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Commenting! Wow, it's so easy!

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I enjoyed Getting Up a lot. The story ended up being a bit ridiculous, but it was a great game. Especially when I got to torch people with a spraycan flamethrower. It definitely doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

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Hmmm... I didn't do anything, but got a message saying my account was all synced up. Weird.

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Frank shouting "DEEEEEEEEEEEEAD RISING!" as his baseball-bat move connected was the best part.
Also, he's covered wars, you know.

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Timesplitters: Future Perfect had an unlockable cheat that did this exact thing in the multiplayer. It was great.

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Commenting! Keeping my fingers crossed!

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Sounds like I might just have to get both versions. I did just order a bunch of parts to build a new PC, but the call of achievements is too strong.

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The game is only a few hours old, and I've already come close to rage-quitting. Whenever you die and revert to the last save point, all the enemies respawn. I don't mind it so much; a game "forgetting" which enemies are dead after loading is definitely Metroid-ian. The problem comes in during one specific room encounter. The first time you get to operate a turret, there's a room full of baddies waiting to be mowed down. There's a save room directly adjacent to this room, and when you revert back to this particular save room after death, all the enemies in the turret room respawn. Only now you're not on a turret. It's almost impossible to prevent yourself from being spotted, so it becomes a matter of spray and pray. Even after reducing the difficulty, it still took a couple tries to clear the room and move on. I'm taking a break for now, but hopefully there won't be any more frustrations to keep me from playing later. It would be a shame if something so minor kept me from enjoying what is an otherwise entertaining experience.

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Hmmm... the Australian marketplace wants me to redeem a code in order to download the game...