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I'm definitely not that great at platformers, but I powered through the few areas that kept giving me trouble. Just keep it up and try not to put your controller through your TV.

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Some of the designs are okay, but having the Ecko logo plastered all over my chest is not something that screams "gamer" to me.

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For some reason, a number of the maximum point totals for games are strangely incorrect. A few examples: Red Faction: Guerrilla has 26.3631274131 possible points, Secret of Monkey Island has 30.5330752991 points, Wolfenstein has 40.7434640523 points, etc. I'm using the most recent version of Firefox on Win 7.

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I wonder if it will have a cheat menu. I remember an interview where one of the lead developers admitted that it was pretty much impossible to beat the game without cheating, and after playing it on PC, I have to agree.

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I enjoy riots, and rockets just make them that much more fun!

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I've been playing for the last few hours, and no problems so far.

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Dead people you're breathing, anyone?

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I can't believe that there are people who haven't seen this yet. This commercial's, like, three years old, at least.

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@Sparky_Buzzsaw: I don't know, Aggressive Scrabbling sounds like it could be fun...
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When I get angry, breaking stuff is usually the best way for me to start feeling better, but I always secretly prided myself on the fact that I never broke a piece of gaming equipment. I would shout at the TV, the game, the stupid developers that made the game, or even just spout violent nonsense. But one day, it happened. It wasn't even really that big of an outburst. I just tossed my 360 controller about 6 inches in the air out of desperation, and it slipped from my grasp when it fell back down. The controller hit the linoleum floor and the RB button broke. I was immediately more mad at myself than anything else.