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My Uplay name is LordLOC

I'm US Eastern time, but I can literally play at any time because of reasons (but not always lol).

Currently level 24, and really having trouble right now. Either I'm not geared right or not skilled correctly. Either way, I'm up for grouping obviously and at some point would like to try to do some Dark Zone stuff (not really a PvP guy).

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@mrcraggle: You know, you'd think a first party Microsoft exclusive type game for the PC would support more PC only options. But I guess it isn't really a first party game. Still, the Windows store limitations are just stupid already. Should have been addressed within a month or two not over a year or more now. Plus, as with many people on Windows 10 (or Win 8 even) the store is completely broken on my rig and there's no way (yet) to fix it unless I format. And fuck that noise.

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I'm on the 2 non-European servers. Took an hour to get in at one point thanks to a 2500 person queue. But dear lord the lag makes the game unplayable once you get in. I can't believe yet again, another company under-estimated the amount of players when they clearly knew how many people pre-ordered Founder's access.

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My Origin ID is: LordLOC

Had the game all the way back when it released, but now that it's free, more people to have fun with! So feel free to add me for some MP shenanigans.

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RIP Alan Rickman

Sigh, the deaths always seem to come in 3 for stars and famous people. Lemmy, Bowie and now Rickman.

By grabthar's hammer I shall avenge you Alan Rickman! Gonna watch Galaxy Quest just to remind myself how friggin awesome you were Mr. Rickman. You will be missed.

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I really miss Auto Assault. That MMORPG was way ahead of it's time and the audience thus wasn't ever there for it. It was also before all the F2P conversion epidemic started really. NCSoft could have made it F2P, but obviously just closed it down. Such a fun ass game, I really do miss playing that.

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Pretty good list Patrick. Also, it's great to see that you are basically a PC guy now :)

PC had some of the best games and experiences in gaming this year, bar none.

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Good news for PC people! And if the game looks as good as it does and runs at 1080P 60FPS on PS4 (which is does, they've said so and Ground Zeroes does), then imagine what the PC version will look like!

OMG on PC it'll be in 2160P! :D

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What the hell? I had no idea this happened until today when I watched the replay/upload of The Lobby from earlier Tuesday. Chris Waters started off explaining (somewhat) what happened, and I just sat there in shock. Not because it was some super surprise or anything, but I was just super surprised.

I really enjoyed Caro's stuff over the past few years on GS. Same with McGee (especially his XBLIG shows along with Caro et al) and McShea etc. Really shocked is an understatement. Just the amount of bigger names let go is shocking I guess. Well, I guess they really weren't big names to GS, just to fans of the site? Still, kinda bummed now. Brad and Dan on The Lobby made up for some of the icky going forward, but eh.

I wonder how Kevin Van Oord is doing, since he probably had to make some of those decisions (he is the top editor at GS right? Though not EIC if I remember correctly). Gotta remember to follow everyone on Twitter who got let go now :(

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Wow, I don't even know what to say. RIP Ryan, you were truly an awesome guy. To Jeff and Brad and Matt, Patrick and Drew and Vinnie and everyone else at GB, I'm so sorry and my sincere condolences to you all. I hope his family is doing ok, I will be thinking of them after this horrible turn of events.

Seriously, I don't even know what to say about this. I feel like Ryan (and everyone else at GB) has sort of become part of my family after being a part of the community for so many years now (and going back to the Gamespot days) and this is just horrendous news.