My Top 10 Boss Fights

Here's a list of my Top 10 boss fights. Thought I'd do one since my bud EightBitWarrior did the same. Blah blah blah exposition here it goes!

10. Dracula (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)

Hydro Storm! Hydro Storm! Hydro Storm! Hydro Storm! Supposedly you couldn't die in this first sequence of the game, but how would I know? I used hydro storms with holy water and a full set of hearts my first time through. Don't even get hit at all really. One of my favorite moves in all video games, great soundbyte too!

09. Reptile (Mortal Kombat)

Reptile is a secret boss character that you can only find under certain conditions. I believe you had to have 2 million points, as well as get a double flawless victory on the pit stage, not use block, and end with a fatality while not using block. Or something like that. The battle itself took place at the bottom of the pit, and reptile could use both Sub-Zero and Scorpion's moves. More fun than the actual battle were the cryptic hints Reptile would leave randomly before a match ensued, such as "Tip Eht Fo Mottob". It had kids at the local arcade cracking down on the specifics for months!

08. Gi Nattak (Final Fantasy VII)

This boss was painfully frustrating, being someone new to Final Fantasy, and RPG's in general. It was only after I managed to beat him legitimately that I found out, he is an undead enemy, and thus can be killed with healing items. Yep, that means a single X-potion or Phoenix Down dropped him. Son of a b----.

07. Freya (Star Ocean: 'Till The End of Time)

If we're talking bosses with insurmountable odds, this would take the cake. A little refresher: Star Ocean is a game about really, really, high numbers. Hell, your characters max level is 255. Even though there's a cheap stun-bomb trick to employ, on 4D difficulty (the hardest), Freya had 60 million HP. That was kind of a big thing back then.

06. Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)

Although I liked the chase sequences with Mr. X more (trenchcoat guy in Resident Evil 2), those weren't really boss encounters. The cool thing about Nemesis, is he persists through the whole game, chasing after you. You can have as many encounters as you like with him, and can "defeat" him at various points. So while this is a cop out and it's technically 300 boss battles or whatever, I don't care. It was also pretty dang scary when he came around. The change in music and when you hear "STARS!" is frightening.

05. Yiazmat (Final Fantasy XII)

Among the Final Fantasy super bosses, Yiazmat is probably my favorite. Sure you have your Ruby, Emerald, Ultima, Omega, Ozma, and Penance...but they don't compare. 50 million HP, an excrutiatingly long battle, and the ability to buff and heal 500k in seconds...A true classic. It also helps that I LOVE the battle system of FFXII, so even setting up the gambits and getting your stats and items in line is a battle in its own!

04. Agni & Rudra (Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening)

The point where Devil May Cry 3 (non-special edition) went from hard to super balls hard, was as soon as I ran into Agni & Rudra. These two giants coordinated their attacks and did so much damage, and on top of that, if you killed one off too soon, the other would get super strong. I had to level up my reaction time and strategy in playing games, but the satisfying moment where you finally understand everything, and beat them like a's amazing. Makes the rest of the game incredible.

03. The Sorrow (Metal Gear Solid 3)

The realization of how The Sorrow's "battle" works is pretty great. I use quotations because you don't actually directly fight him, and if you try to touch him, you just die. All you do is walk down a river, and see spirits of enemy soldiers, listen to some back-story, then the sequence ends. When I was doing a no kill run, I noticed something weird. There were no spirits materalizing and attacking me at all. I thought it was a bug or something until I realized that it was based on all the enemies you've killed, they even display the ways that you killed them! Even the animals you kill are seen as floating carcasses. But man...Seeing that one enemy spirit at the end sucks. You know that you failed your no-kill run, and have to start all over again. FML

02. Elmdor & Assassins (Final Fantasy Tactics)

Wiegraf was hard enough, employing the "you can't reach me but I can hit you" tactic. But right after that battle, you go right into a battle on a rooftop with Elmdor & company! If you're under-leveled and lack movement during this sequence, you will have a hard time getting to Elmdor, and will have to go through his assassin friends. They have the ability to inflict stop or instantly kill if they feel like it. Seems they usually feel like it. By the way, you have to protect a girl named Rafa, and at low levels this is near impossible as they will kill her on the first turn. This battle is made harder if you're trying to steal Elmdor's special katana. What a headache, but I love it for some reason?

01. Psycho Mantis (Metal Gear Solid)

Metal Gear Solid is full of top-tier boss battles. But this is head and shoulders above the rest. The battle itself is typical, where Mantis uses his Psycho powers to levitate furniture, and he attacks you with it. The real treat is the fourth wall-breaking experience. HE KNOWS YOU LIKE TO PLAY CASTLEVANIA, AND HE CAN MOVE YOUR CONTROLLER ACROSS THE FLOOR! Sure, in actuality he was reading for Konami games on my memory card, and was just triggering the motors in my Dualshock controller...but at the time, I thought it was crazy voodoo magic. To add another layer to this battle, he would frequently black the screen out with the words "Hideo", which would allow him to get an advantage on you...but Colonel Cambell offers the advice over the codec to switch your controller to port 2 to avoid mind control! What an incredible experience.


Electric Wind God Fist Tutorial

Capcom doesn't want you to know, but the secret is out. Electric Wind God Fist exists in Street Fighter X Tekken. No really, they didn't even put it in the command list or the strategy guide.

The Input

While it looks identical to the normal Rising Uppercut follow-up from the Mist Step, the EWGF is a just-frame, meaning that the down/forward input must be hit simultaneously with MP or HP. No way around it, this move is pretty difficult to do consistently. But when you practice to efficiency, it has its benefits. EGWF is not a move cancelled from Mist Step, like Rising Upper. Because of this, you need a proper forward input, you cannot substitute for down/forward. You can shorten the input by removing the down input:

This will ease the use of the player 1 side input. It also prevents accidental Mist Stepping, since Mist Step requires proper Down input. This input allows piano/plinking methods to increase the chances of success, since an EX Rising Upper will not some out by skipping down (since EX Rising has to be cancelled from Mist Step).

The Data

MoveHit LevelDamageStartupActiveRecoveryHit Adv.Block Adv.Notes
Rising UpperHigh709f2f21fFloat-1Upper Body Invulnerability 1-10f
EX RisingHigh807f2f19fFloat+1Full Upper Body Invulnerability, Lower Body Crushes Stand Attacks 1-8f
EWGFHigh1007f2f19fFloat+1Full Upper Body Invulnerability, Lower Body Crushes Stand Attacks 1-8f

Other Differences from Rising Upper:

  • Purple electricity instead of blue
  • Different sound on whiff, hit, and block
  • Juggle doesn't send opponent as far horizontally
  • Pushes back further on block


The applications are obvious, but they include any instance where a Mist Step/Rising Upper would be used:

  • Anti-air (fairly invincible)
  • Counter Standing Pokes
  • Step under Projectiles
  • Hit-Confirm into high damage
  • Switch Cancel to your teammate

In Closing

I'm sure this just scratches the surface on EWGF, and more sick technology using it will be exposed in the near future of Street Fighter X Tekken. That said, this should be a pretty good starting point. If you want the execution tips, you have to watch the video. Kinda hard to explain it here in text form.

Music is "Nebulosa" by DJ Cam Quartet, off their 2009 release "Diggin'". Special thanks to Rebellijin1 for his Wavedash Lesson, and SRK Kazuya forums for alerting me to EWGF's presence in SFxTK. Hope you guys get something out of it, lemme know what you think. If you like this tutorial make sure you check out my youtube channel.


Mist Step Tutorial

I've made a simple little tutorial on The Mist Step as it applies to Street Fighter X Tekken. This video mostly covers Kazuya's proper Mist Step and wave dash, but I briefly discuss Special Steps that other characters have.

The input itself is a big point of contention for traditional Street Fighter players, because you don't usually look at "neutral" as being an input...and hell, even the input display in training mode doesn't display it. there is picture-in-picture and some tips to help you along. Pretty nooby tutorial, and I didn't even cover Electric Wind Godfist juggles (mostly because I can't do it consistently), but it has jazzy music. Jazz just soothes all the pain.

The most consistent methods of wave-dashing I have found involve the QCF > Neutral, though it's admittedly easier with a loose spring and bat top (no wonder the Koreans prefer it). Anywho, enjoy the tut!

Music is "New York New York" by Dj Cam Quartet, it's off their 2008 release "The Return of Cool", if you're interested.


lordofultima's Top 10 of 2011

2011 is an incredible year for games, so let's get to it! A couple special mentions before the top 10:

Best Downloadable Game

Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax (XBL)

Though it actually has features removed from its inception on the PSP, this is my first gameplay experience with the game and I love the bite-sized chunks of RPG experience / speed runs that this game offers. The writing is self-aware and hilarious, and the new art style is actually my preferred look for this game, since the pixel-style is hard to actually interpret on a giant HD television.

Best Game Not From 2011

Rune Factory: Frontier (Wii)

This game came out of nowhere, while returning my refurbished Wii back to GameStop, I spent my time playing this game on Dolphin in 720p instead. Boy is this game incredible. I've always wanted just a little bit more out of my Harvest Moon, and this game gives me exactly what I wanted. Farming with floor-by-floor dungeon-crawling complete with equipment, item management, and stat leveling. This game is a godsend, and I can't wait to OFFICIALLY play it on an actual Wii...though the 720p looks so good. HMMM.

10. Aliens: Infestation (DS)

I managed to find time for this gem, and I don't even own a DS. Aliens: Infestation is essentially a "Metroidvania" game with the Aliens license, which is A.O.K. by my standards. It brought a survivalist element with permadeath to your squadmates. Even though you could recruit more members after they died them by finding them lost in dark corners of the ship, I couldn't help but feel strong attachment to the much so that if one died I didn't even want to replace them.

09. Shadows of the Damned (PS3)

It wasn't the mechanics that left a lasting impression on me. There was some interesting light/dark stuff to manage as you progress through the story, not to mention a psycho girlfriend with touch-of-death properties chasing you around, but Shadows of the Damned for the most part is just a serviceable Resident Evil 4 clone. Instead, it's the insanity of Suda 51's mind. The performances in this game are stellar, and shockingly enough, the boner jokes are tastefully done and fit this game like a glove. This is a game too smart for its own good. A poetic ending combined with the dulcet tones of Akira Yamaoka, top notch.

08. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (PC)

The Witcher 2 does everything a Bioware game does, but better. The character development is top-notch, and the branching points of the story leave you feeling torn on multiple occasions. There is no black and white in the choices Geralt makes, only grey. There is no right or wrong answer, and in most cases both answers lead down different but equally painful paths. You can't sit on the fence forever, you have to take a side eventually. The Witcher 2 is great at teaching you this. The combat is much more satisfying than the original, and the game looks amazing. An excellent specimen for 2011.

07. L.A. Noire (PS3)

While the questioning segments left me feeling frustrated, given how vague the "truth, doubt, lie" choices are during interrogations, I still am enamored with L.A. Noire. The performances are top-notch from some of the best actors and actresses in the business, the facial-capture technology is mind-boggling, and the recreation of post-WW2 Los Angeles is gorgeous. I was neck-deep in dirty detective work from start to finish, cracking cases left and right. It is amazing that an adventure game can come out in 2011 with such a large budget, and be a success. The film noire twists in this game are perfectly executed, topping off an experience I won't forget.

06. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3)

Most people would say this is par for the course after Uncharted 2 hit the scene, but in my opinion, Uncharted 3 is a vast improvement over the second game. The shooting felt much better, the action sequences were complex and required the ability to think on your toes and be aware of your surroundings, but were not overly cheap and dragging like the end of Uncharted 2. The A.I. is pretty great in this game, flanking you if you get too cozy, and willing to rest on their laurels when you're on the move. Notice how I didn't even talk about the incredible water and sand tech, or the crazy set-pieces, or maybe the spectacular casting? That's how good I feel this game is. An Uncharted game that fits on this list just from a gameplay perspective. The multiplayer is fantastic also!

05. Gemini Rue (PC)

Maybe this game came around during a dark time in my psyche, but it left a profound imprint on it and still resonates with me to this day. Never mind the blade-runner-esq setting, the classic pixelated scum engine adventure game feeling...the story that is being told here is profound. The switching between characters as you are a man looking for his brother, and playing the supposed "brother" whom is imprisoned, it all works so well. Wiping people's memories to rehabilitate criminals, trying to find remnants of a past self that left behind clues on how to escape captivity, and a detective with a criminal past who is drawn to this place in some way. I can't recommend this game enough.

04. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus: The Collection (PS3)

I know people are going to think this is a cop-out, throwing two classic titles here as one in 2011, where Ico is 10 years's not. This is a release in 2011, and this is my first time playing either of these games. To say a game is or isn't art, yeah whatever, you can argue whichever you please. But perhaps these two games are more than a game, maybe this IS art? Semantics aside, Ico is a story that bleeds 10-fold the depth, in 1/5th the time as that of a normal video also does it without words. Shadow of the Colossus is morally wrenching as the colossi you defeat don't seem to put up much of a challenge, instead offering gigantic puzzles to solve in each encounter. It all culminates in the end of that game, tying ever-so-loosely to Ico...just enough to get you thinking of how exactly all the pieces fit. Please Last Guardian, find a release date.

03. Dead Space 2 (360)

People tend to forget everything that happens at the beginning of the year, but Dead Space 2 feels like Resident Evil 4 in that out-shines beyond all the rubble that time sees to bury it with. While the core of the game remains the same from the original, the game is faster, more responsive, and much more polished. The atmosphere and sound design a groundbreaking, the abandoned space-station with the light of stars shining in through mechanical shutters, the infrequent episodes Issac has with his dead wife, it's done very well. But that would only be half the game. The other half is immensely-satisfying 3rd person combat (the best, even). What prevents this game from being a true fright-fest is that it's so damn visceral dissecting the necromorphs limb-by-limb with your "mining tools". I wanna be a fuckin' miner if I get laser-sight guns that shoot waves of plasma. Although the whole Issac taking his helmet off and talking thing is maybe not as well done as it should be (it would be better if it didn't happen period), that doesn't hinder Dead Space 2 in the slightest.

02. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (360)

So the game I was most looking forward to this year, seems to have made the cut. What is there to say about this game that hasn't already been said? The environment you traverse, the MASSIVE world that Skyrim is, is quite the sight to be seen. The questlines are really well done, better overall than they have ever been in a Bethesda game, though perhaps not as sky-soaring of heights the Oblivion quests hit at times. I think what makes this game what it is has little to do with the sum of its parts, but instead to do with your own personal experience. Rather than explain that in detail (it would take forever), I'll say that the melee combat is much improved over past Elder Scrolls games, and the leveling system is fantastic. You really can just do what you please in that game, and it all works out...with the exception of hand-to-hand which there is no skill for. If you love your obsessive-compulsive disorder, you will love over this game. I played 100 hours on the PS3 version, enduring the horrible framerate, before beating it then purchasing it on the Xbox 360 (to put in another 150 hours and beat it again). That should say something.

01. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PS3)

A phenomenal return to form for Deus Ex, a lot of people didn't know what to expect from this game. I knew it all along, from the first look of that gold-lining around that vent-cover, to the last moment where you have to hit a (undisclosed) big red button...this is a game after my heart. Cyberpunk, grungy open-world for me to explore? Check. Nanotech-driven stat-boosting experience trees? Check. Playground of vents to climb through, keypads to hack, guards to coerce, and other environmental problems to solve? Check! The A.I. is not the best around, but one could say it's the "best" around. They're just dumb enough for you to have fun "gaming" the system and exploiting things. It's the best stealth game I've played in years, the choices Adam Jensen made are MY choices, not ones that built up a renegade meter for renegade powers. I read like a billion emails! I liked it! The level design is fantastic, letting you tackle any situation in 6 or 7 different ways. The boss battles are terrible. So what? The music is incredible. This is also my soundtrack of the year, and I highly recommend you pick up the electronic ambient goodness. I don't know how do describe this game. It's the best thing? That'll have to do.


God Save the Combo ~ Evil Ryu Manefesto

God Save the Combo ~ Evil Ryu Manifesto

(I spelt Manifesto wrong in the title, I'm such a doof) All combos are performed unassisted, all recording and editing was done by myself. Music at the bottom. All on-screen inputs assume that your character is on the left side of the screen. The Google Spreadsheet is available here if millions of tiny rectangles are your thing. Check out the video below or via this link, and as always -- you can spot my youtube channel for a couple views to see if my videos are for you.

I. Mandate (Basic Principals)

(v) to order or require; make mandatory

A. The Ryu Classic (Thou Shalt Buffer Specials)

  1. cr.MK xx FB (120/200) [0 ex]
  2. cr.MK xx HK Tatsu (220/300) [0 ex]
  3. cr.MK xx FB xx FADC .. [2 ex]

B. Standing Room Only (Thou Shalt Force Stand)

  1. cr.MP xx SRK (210/300) [0 ex]
  2. cl.HP (100/200) [0 ex]
  3. cr.HP (90/200) [0 ex]
  4. cr.MP xx EX Tatsu (220/300) [1 ex]

C. Goldilocks Syndrome (Thou Shalt Cancel Fierce)

  1. cl.HP xx MK Axe Kick (180/300) [0 ex]
  2. cl.HP xx MK Axe Kick, cr.LK xx HK Tatsu [0 ex]

D. Send Some Faxes (Thou Shalt Stand Strong)

  1. cl.MP xx HP Shaku (169/205) [0 ex]
  2. cl.MP xx EX Shaku (211/340) [1 ex]
  3. cl.MP xx EX Shaku, EX Tatsu [2 ex]

II. Manipulate (Air Juggle Combos)

(v) to handle with skill, in an unfair manner

A. Betty Bopper (Jumping Strong)

  1. jf.MP (50+30/50+50) [0 ex]
  2. jf.MP, HP SRK (140/150) [0 ex]
  3. jf.MP, HK Tatsu (210/150) [0 ex]
  4. jf.MP, HP Shaku (179/205) [0 ex]
  5. jf.MP, Hop Kick (150/200) [0 ex]
  6. jf.MP, MK Axe (160/200) [0 ex]
  7. jf.MP, Ultra 1 (357/100) [0 ex]
  8. jf.MP, Ultra 2 (324/100) [0 ex]
  9. jf.MP, EX FB (190/200) [1 ex]
  10. jf.MP, EX SRK (190/200) [1 ex]
  11. jf.MP, EX Tatsu (170/220) [1 ex]
  12. jf.MP, EX Axe (240/300) [1 ex]
  13. jf.MP, EX FB, Ultra 1 (368/200) [1 ex]
  14. jf.MP, EX Shaku, Ultra 1 (409/340) [1 ex]

B. Evil Thunder (Air Roundhouse Tatsu)

  1. j.HK Tatsu (80/50) [0 ex]
  2. j.HK Tatsu, HP SRK (140/100) [0 ex]
  3. j.HK Tatsu, HK Tatsu (120/100) [0 ex]
  4. j.HK Tatsu, Ultra 1 (357/50) [0 ex]
  5. j.HK Tatsu, Ultra 2 (324/50) [0 ex]
  6. j.HK Tatsu, EX FB (180/150) [1 ex]
  7. j.HK Tatsu, EX SRK (190/150) [1 ex]
  8. j.HK Tatsu, EX Tatsu (200/218) [1 ex]

C. The Van Dammit (Close Roundhouse)

  1. cl.HK (40/125) [0 ex]
  2. cl.HK, HP SRK (100/175) [0 ex]
  3. cl.HK, Ultra 1 (317/125) [0 ex]
  4. cl.HK, EX FB (140/225) [1 ex]
  5. cl.HK, EX SRK (150/225) [1 ex]
  6. cl.HK, EX Tatsu (130/245) [1 ex]
  7. cl.HK, EX FB, Ultra 1 (328/225) [1 ex]

III. Correlate (Link Combos w/ Examples)

(v) to place in or bring into mutual or reciprocal relation

A. Triple Dip (Standard Hit-Confirm)

  1. cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.MP (98/180)
  2. cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.MP xx FB xx FADC, cl.MP xx HP Shaku xx FADC, Hop Kick [4 ex]

B. Easy Peazy (Better Damage, Less Scaling)

  1. cr.MP, cr.MP (120/200)
  2. cr.MP, cr.MP xx FB xx FADC, cl.HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx LK Tatsu, LP SRK xx FADC (backdash), HK Tatsu [4 ex]

C. Lemon Squeezy (Somewhere In-Between)

  1. cr.MP, st.MP (140/200)
  2. cr.MP, st.MP xx FB xx FADC, cl.HP xx HK Tatsu FADC, LP SRK, HP SRK [4 ex] (Corner Only)

D. Crouching Liger (Easy Fierce-Ender)

  1. cr.LP, cl.HP (130/250)
  2. cr.LP, cl.HP xx HK Tatsu xx FADC, Target Combo (cl.MP xx st.HP) xx Focus Attack LVL 1 [4 ex]

E. Hidden Wagon (Optimal Damage Fierce-Ender)

  1. cr.MP, cl.HP (160/300)
  2. cr.MP, cl.HP xx HK Tatsu xx FADC, cl.MP xx EX Shaku, EX Axe [4 ex]

IV. Immolate (Positional Advantage Combos)

(v) to sacrifice

A. Hard Knocks (Hard/Untechable Knockdowns)

  1. cl.HP xx LK Tatsu, cr.HK (works on Balrog, Cammy, Dee Jay, Dhalsim & Rose) (242/330) [0 ex]
  2. cl.HP xx EX Axe (260/400) [1 ex]
  3. cr.MK xx FB xx FADC, cr.HK (192/280) [2 ex]
  4. cl.HP xx LK Tatsu, LP SRK xx FADC, EX Axe (362/470) [3 ex]

B. Fantasy Softball (Soft/Techable Knockdowns w/ Positional Advantage)

  1. cl.HP xx LK Tatsu, LP SRK, Hop Kick (will cross over downed opponent in corner) (250/330) [0 ex]
  2. cl.HP xx LK Tatsu, LP SRK xx FADC, MK Axe (306/400) [2 ex]

C. Reset Button (Resets)

  1. cl.HP xx LK Tatsu, cl.HP (cr.LP, cr.LK, cl.MP & cr.MP work also) (250/410) [0 ex]
  2. cl.HP xx LK Tatsu, LP SRK xx FADC, Hop Kick (299/400) [2 ex]

V. Orchestrate (Main Event Combos)

(v) to compose or arrange

01. Meat & Potatoes (367/535) [0 ex]

  • cl.HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx LK Tatsu, HP SRK

02. Mash & Gravy (367/500) [0 ex] (Corner Only)

  • cl.HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx LK Tatsu, LP SRK, HP SRK

03. Let it Rip! A (448/200) [0 ex]

  • Focus Attack LVL 3 xx Dash Forward, Ultra 1 (Hold 3P)

04. Let it Rip! B (496/200) [0 ex]

  • Focus Attack LVL 3 xx Dash Forward, Ultra 2

05. Gold Shoryu! (391/535) [1 ex]

  • cl.HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx LK Tatsu, EX SRK

06. Shako-Taco (426/340) [1 ex]

  • cl.MP xx EX Shaku, Ultra 1

07. Tornado Buffet A (511/520) [1 ex] (Corner Only)

  • cl.HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx EX Tatsu, Ultra 1

08. Tornado Buffet B (496/520) [1 ex] (Corner Only)

  • cl.HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx EX Tatsu, Ultra 2

09. Some Elbow Room (427/695) [2 ex]

  • cl.HP xx FB xx FADC, cl.HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx LK Tatsu, HP SRK

10. The Lumbermill (445/715) [2 ex] (Corner Only)

  • cl.HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx FB xx FADC, cl.HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx LK Tatsu, HP SRK

11. Blaster Combo A (479/475) [2 ex]

  • cl.HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx LK Tatsu, LP SRK xx FADC, Ultra 1

12. Blaster Combo B (459/475) [2 ex]

  • cl.HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx LK Tatsu, LP SRK xx FADC, Ultra 2

13. Shaku Fu (487/548) [3 ex]

  • cl.HP xx MK Axe xx FADC, cl.MP xx EX Shaku, Ultra 1

14. The Wreckoning (492/595) [3 ex]

  • cl.HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx LK Tatsu, LP SRK xx FADC, EX Shaku, Ultra 1

15. Frankenstein-Rana A (519/690) [3 ex] (Corner Only)

  • cl.HP xx FB xx FADC, cl.HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx EX Tatsu, Ultra 1

16. Frankenstein-Rana B (507/690) [3 ex] (Corner Only)

  • cl.HP xx FB xx FADC, cl.HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx EX Tatsu, Ultra 2

17. Hyrule Chokeslam (551/450) [3 ex]

  • cl.HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx EX FB xx FADC, Ultra 2

18. The Wombotron A (478/655) [4 ex]

  • cl.HP xx FB xx FADC, cl. HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx LK Tatsu, LP SRK xx FADC, Ultra 1

19. The Wombotron B (468/655) [4 ex]

  • cl.HP xx FB xx FADC, cl. HP xx MK Axe, cr.MP xx LK Tatsu, LP SRK xx FADC, Ultra 2

20. Shaku-NANIGANS! (507/548) [4 ex] (Corner Only)

  • cl.HP xx EX FB xx FADC, cl.MP xx EX Shaku, Ultra 1


The Combo titles are a little free form and humorous, though most of them have a basis on the combo itself, if you squint hard enough with your brain, you can probably figure out the vauge descriptions of the combos. A good example is "Goldilocks Syndrome" (The Medium Kick version being the "Juuuust Right" version of the axe kick).

I will note that these combos are for the most part no-frills, no-fluff, damage dealers. That means that I don't put long-winded flashy combos on display, notably ones that consist of extra hits and meter usage where it's redundant. I don't start the combos with a hit-confirm (though obviously in real match situations you would), and I don't cheat the damage/stun ratings by starting them with a jump-in attack (and you'll more than likely be doing those too). The combos are function over style, let the presentation of the video be what styles on you. Have a good one, hope you enjoy the video!

Music (in order of appearance):

Bach - "Little" Fugue in G minor

  • by Shoji Meguro
  • Catherine Sound Disc [Bonus Disc]

Bizet - L'Arlésienne Second Suite "Farandole"

  • by Shoji Meguro
  • Catherine Sound Disc [Bonus Disc]

Holst - Planets Suite "Mars", "Jupiter"

  • by Shoji Meguro
  • Catherine Sound Disc [Bonus Disc]

"Omen (R3 Mix)"

  • by R3FORGED
  • Humans + Gears (


  • Hauppauge HD PVR (Game Footage)
  • Panasonic HDC-TM55k HD Camcorder (Stick Footage)
  • Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (Xbox 360 version)
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 Game Console
  • Adobe After Effects CS4 (Fancy Editing)
  • Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 (Final Cut/Audio Master)

Silky Smooth Hado

I figure since I have a couple other quick pieces of the "Evil Ryu Manifesto", whether it'll be part of some big series or some random videos for Evil Ryu...I'll post them here. In this video I go over the kara ranges for his throw, mashing short into a hit-confirm combo, and tons of wake-up shenanigans from lk tatsu!

My Fists Bleed Jazz

Setups expand on the double lk tatsu cross-up, by introducing corner only resets (and sweep!) on several characters. Then I go over kara demons in general, and then bring back an old favorite in the itbashi slayer, this version 2.0 (the lk axe edition).


Silent Hill 2 - Playthrough

Finished up my Silent Hill 2 playthrough in record real life time, usually I procrastinate and blame everything on failing technology! Man, I love this game. This story is absolutely tragic, and I'd have it no other way. Although I got the "happy" ending, that isn't saying much in the realm of Silent Hill! 14 parts of madness, hilarity, horror, and all that other fun stuff, available at this here playlist! Feel free to browse my youtube channel for other video game stuff, and I've embedded the playlist below, check it!


3D Dot Game Heroes - Playthrough

I finally completed something that I started for once, my entire 3D Dot Game Heroes playthrough is now up for your viewing/listening pleasure at my youtube channel. Check out the playlist here for convenience sake, or just peep the embedded player below. 16 parts in total, some random cussing, audio desync issues (thanks youtube), and plenty of retro Zelda-style action! Enjoy.


LordofUltima's 10 of 2010

I present to you, my top ten games of 2010! Some of these may have been expected, some maybe took you for surprise. Some of you don't even care, and that's fine too! A big lacking in downloadable titles this year, I just couldn't think of one super duper high quality game in that regard. Oh well, there's always next year -- with Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 on the horizon. Not to mention the full-fledged games set for arrival: Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Dead Space 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution...MAN, that is fully loaded. 2010 wasn't too shabby, though! 

10. Amnesia: The Dark Descent 

Holy crap, I haven't been scared by a video game seriously in many years. It's so scary in fact, that I actually find it hard to play this game. Hard to advance into the next room, the next encounter with shadows, insanity, thinking and seeing things...even the thought of thinking of things is scaring me! But hey, it deserves a spot on this list just for its ability to force me to stop playing it. Not since the original Clock Tower on the PS1... 

09. Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors 

Surprise late entry, fitting that this would chime in at #9 on my list! This game harkens back to old NES adventure games like Shadowgate, complete with dark overtones. This is a game that features a lot of dialog, along with some very interesting plot twists and character development. It features multiple endings, and you're sort of supposed to go through the bad endings first to gather intelligence to help you with the good ones. Definitely an awesome game. 

08. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 

Lords of Shadow is sort of like God of War. I mean, the 3D action brawler stuff is there, the long chain combos by hitting one of a couple buttons in sequence are there, the sprawling environments and epic set-pieces are there too. But what propels Castlevania further than any of those games (including GoW itself) is the honest-to-goodness challenging encounters (tons of boss battles), pure money-to-gameplay ratio, and the wild twist of a story that it presents you with. A real underrated classic of 2010, if you so much as passively LIKE to hit one button on a controller, followed by another, followed by a quick evasive roll to the left or have to play this game. 


07. Alan Wake 

I've been following Alan Wake for years, I never gave up hope that it would come out, and sure enough it finally did early in 2010! While this game in no way lives up to the memories I have with Max Payne 1&2 (particularly Max Payne 2), it has that same knack for storytelling then the aforementioned titles. The narration by Mr. Wake himself is a refreshing take on a horror novel, and the story itself sees many twists, turns, and bumps along the road to a fairly satisfying conclusion that doesn't really explain much (but that's the way I like it!). The DLC sort of pisses on the game a bit in my opinion, as I don't think Alan's story needs to be expanded on any further -- I'd much rather let the story fade into obscurity the way it was left in the retail copy of the game. 

06. Super Street Fighter IV 

What can be said about Street Fighter that I didn't say last year? Super Street Fighter IV is a fantastic upgrade of the vanilla flavor, adding a bunch of new characters and modes, balance changes, and online functionality to the mix. I didn't play it all that much this year, as I had that life-changing event half way through the year, but I plan to keep grinding away at this well into 2011 when I get the chance.  


 05. Heavy Rain 

Heavy Rain probably takes the cake in the moral ambiguity category. So many choices in this game led to dire consequences, and none of them were easy to make. I was a little uneasy playing this game, which was compounded by the fantastic storytelling and human emotion that was being conveyed from the in-game models. Sure the voice acting is hilariously un-American, and the controls leave something to be desired, but Heavy Rain is one of the most unique gaming experiences in 2010, and should be played by everyone. The twist in this game is a little unbelievable and sort of out-of-nowhere, especially considering how likable the character in question was, from a background and performance perspective. Oh well!  

04. Mass Effect 2 

2010 started off with a bang when I decided to make Mass Effect 2 my first impulse purchase in January. I never played the first game, but it really didn't matter -- I was blown away regardless. I love moral choices, no matter how polarizing and binary they may be...and Mass Effect 2 may take the cake in that regard. I just got so damn addicted to picking the renegade decisions, since that's where most of the dialog fun happens! Of course, the real morally ambiguous decisions in this game were really tough to make, with all the choices falling somewhere in the grey area. Better than the choices were my deep emotional unrest upon picking them, but it was something that needed to be done. Oh yeah, and there's some shooter RPG elements and stuff, which is pretty cool. But yeah, CHOICES N' SHIT! 


03. Civilization V 

A surprise hit for myself, I really didn't know what to expect going into Civilization V. All I knew is that Civ 4 was pretty sweet from the little amount that I played of it, and I was hype as hell for this installment. What ensued after the games release, were countless nights -- crack sessions, if you will -- nights filled with global supremacy, winning my countries rights into space exploration, forming fake treaties, brutally slaughtering other nations, discovering nuclear technology required to begin the Manhattan Project...and I didn't even explore the tutorial section. It just wasn't needed. The game is so streamlined and user-friendly, despite all its inherent complexities. Now that's a GAME.  

02. Crackdown 2 

This game seems to gather a lot of scrutiny from people, and I'm not really sure why. A sequel isn't required to blow you away with new features, this game in particular removed inessential crap from the original, and added a couple cool things to an otherwise perfect formula. I could probably glide around the city for another 40 hours and still have much of the same experience. If they came out with a Crackdown 3 tomorrow I would gladly purchase it, to check out the slight feature modifications, and more get more orbs! 


01. 3D Dot Game Heroes 

No game captured my heart like this gem. Shades of the original Legend of Zelda, but somehow better. The writing is charming, winking and nodding in every game players direction, and the music is eerily familiar to rpgs of yore. The most striking aspect of this game however, is the graphical stylings. Every inch, every pixel, constructed with the care of a lego set, everything existing at a 90-degree angle. Oh yeah, and you get some big fuckin' swords. That's pretty darn cool if you ask me. 

I have a couple other awards to give out, honerable mentions if-you-will: 

Best Downloadable Title

Super Meat Boy (XBLA) 

Yeah this game is super frustrating thanks to its difficulty, but it's also super fun! It's a super meaty time! Still workin' on playthrough videos of that, my sanity is on edge! 

Best Resurrected Title 

Xenogears (PS1)

This was a gem I uncovered from years past, back when I was way into JRPG's and a little console called the PS1. I never really got a chance to play through this game at that time, for whatever reason I glanced over it. And man, was I missing out! This is one of the best, most thought-provoking JRPG's I've ever played. I highly recommend it. 

Best Character

Francis York Morgan (Deadly Premonition)

I never actually played Deadly Premonition, but from watching all of the endurance run stuff Giant Bomb put out, I could tell that the game from a mechanical standpoint was awful. Still, the game was severely entertaining, in thanks mostly to the main protagonist, Francis York Morgan. You can call him "York," it's easier that way. Just his banter between his two separate personalities (York and Zach), and the interesting questions posed throughout the game -- "Who is Zach? An actual being? A figment made up in York's mind? The player playing the game?" -- make for one of the best character developments in a video game I've seen in a long while.

Video Blog Thing! (12/10/2010)

Hey, been a while since I posted a blog thing, so I might as well accompany it with a VIDEO blog thing! Yay! I'm sure a small percentage of my 50,000 followers on Giantbomb wouldn't mind watching me ramble on for 15 minutes. 


Alan Wake Playthrough

Recorded a playthrough of Alan Wake along with commentary a little while back, I just now am getting around to rendering these out and uploading them to my youtube channel, so I'll embed the playlist below for your viewing pleasure. 
I've been waiting for Alan Wake for the better part of five years, and overall I wasn't disappointed with how the game turned out. The combat gets a little tedious I suppose, but it feels really good, and of course the suspense of the story is what pulls you in. Needless to say, there's a lot of ambiguity surrounding the ending of this game, I won't spoil it here though (though it will most certainly be spoiled if you watch the playthrough of the game). I'll be uploading an episode of play every day hopefully, so stick around. Enjoy!