Alundra Playthrough

So I'm currently playing through Alundra, you can check my day-to-day progress at my channel or the Alundra Playlist. I'll embed the 18 parts or so that I have after two days, of course you can always come back to this blog/forum post and the newest ones will be there. Enjoy.


Shiny Stick!

So I decided to remove my buttons and joystick from the ol' fightstick again, I wasn't happy with the metal finish the stick had, and I had put some artwork on it a while ago, and I wasn't happy with that either. So as I was sanding the metal down to remove the old glue that was on it, it became all shiny like and amazing looking. Damn son!

Fightstick 1.0

 Fightstick 2.0

 Fightstick 3.0

 The Street Fighter equivalent of chrome rims.

Akuma 101 - The Vortex

"The Vortex" is another name for Akuma/Gouki's wake-up mixup metagame. While most characters have this as well, Akuma's is special in that he has a staggering amount of options, and most of them are relatively safe. I finished my tutorial for it, available in two separate parts available on my youtube channel.

Hope you guys enjoy it, now I can finally never think about the vortex again. Except for when I'm actually playing, of course. I have a thread explaining it in detail over at the Akuma SRK boards, so check it out.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - Playthrough

So I finally got around to finishing the uploads for my RE3 playthrough, which was done with the PS1 version, playing on a PS2. I used Cyberlink PowerDirector and a Dazzle to record the game footage, and Sony Vegas to record my narration simultaneously. 23 parts in total, check it! More playthroughs in the near future for sure.



Here's a video of West taking it to JR Rodriguez (for the most part), in the super shit Akuma mirror. FUCK YEAH!

He can only get away with those desperation demons for so long!

Resident Evil 2 - Playthrough

So I played through Resident Evil 2 for the PS1 and recorded it, both Leon A and Claire B games. The Leon games are up, the Claire ones will probably be up by tomorrow some time (rendering out 50 videos or so is really time consuming, not to mention uploading only 10 at a given time). Check it.

Just finished a Resident Evil 3 playthrough as well, which is even longer so I don't know when I'll be done editing that junk.

Gen Hard Trial #5

This is a little late since I did this a week ago or whatever, but here's the footage I recorded for SFIV Gen Hard Trial #5. It literally took me about 10 minutes to do, not so bad in comparison to the other hard trials that gave me a tough time (C. Viper 5 and Abel 5 come to mind). Not much lulz because of that, but I didn't have to edit anything out really, so that's coo.

Kick -- Kick Kick -- Kick Kick Kick Kick Kick!

Stay Alpha - Week 2

*I know I said I wouldn't bore you guys with these updates, but it'll give you an idea of what it is I've been doing other than Street Fighter playing. This has nothing to do with video games, it's about working out. Don't read any further if you're somehow offended by working out.
Stay Alpha is the code word for getting into shape, I've been throwing it around ever since Brucie in Grand Theft Auto 4. But of course I'm doing it without the aid of "juicing up," so bare with me here. Week 1 has come and gone, and so has week 2. This is the part where I summarize what fitness-stuff I did this week.


Bodyweight 100

  • Prisoner Squats (20 reps)
  • Push-ups (20 reps)
  • Jumps (20 reps)
  • Neg. Chin-ups (5 reps, I know I'm that weak..)
  • Forward Lunges (20 reps)
  • Close-grip Push-ups (15 reps)


  • 30/30 x6 (30 second sprint, 30 second walk = 6 times)

Tuesday (9/29/09)


  • 60/60 x6

Wednesday (9/30/09)

Bodyweight 100


  • 30/30 x6

Thursday (10/1/09)


  • 60/60 x6, 120/60 x1

Friday (10/2/09)

Bodyweight 100


  • 30/30 x6

Saturday (10/3/09)

Endurance Run

  • 1.5 Mile Run
  • 0.5 Mile Walk
  • 1.0 Mile Run

Sunday (10/4/09)

Endurance Run

  • 2.0 Mile Run
  • 1.0 Mile Walk
  • 1.0 Mile Run


The endurance runs were sort of a spontaneous thing, I just wanted to see where I stood stamina-wise, so Saturday morning (around 1 am) I took my ass out in the 45 degree weather and seen if I could run a mile. I ended up running 1 1/2, and then 1 mile back to my house. Sunday is supposed to be my complete rest day, but since I technically did that run in the Saturday sleep-cycle, it’s not a problem (I’m still up as we speak, about to go to bed at 5 or 5:30 am).

I enjoy the long-style run so much that I’m going to reserve Saturday and possibly Sunday for them. I may not have lost any “weight” from week 1 to week 2, but my body is definitely reaping the rewards of my training, I couldn’t run for more than 4 minutes without feeling like I was going to drop dead a month ago.

I find that the most important thing for these runs is a steady pace, and controlling your breathing. Steady pace is simple, you run/jog at a tempo that you feel you can keep up the entire run, I might slow down like 10-15% by the end of the run, and then speed up 20% in the final stretch, but the keeping the pace as flat as possible is important. For breathing I used to think that inhaling through nose, and exhaling through mouth was the best way to go (that’s what my elementary gym teacher taught me). But I find that that’s silly, if I need more air, I breathe through my mouth, that’s the logical way to go. The beginning of the run I make sure I inhale for five or six steps, and exhale for two (this also helps me keep the same running tempo the whole way). Then at a third of a mile in or so, I start to breathe four in, two out. By the end of the first mile I struggle to keep it 4/2, but I do my best. By the end of the 2nd mile (that’s all I can do in a stretch at the moment) my breathing falls to like 3/2, and sometimes 2/2 if I have to swallow spit (gross) or drink some water. I carry a 26 oz. bottle of water with me, my house key, and nothing else. No ipod, it weighs me down and is otherwise cumbersome.

I imagine by the time the Fall is ending, I’ll have to get a gym membership, because running in sub-freezing weather and in harsh conditions like snow will probably be too much for my lungs. I am going to miss point a to point b running though, I imagine running in place on a treadmill must get pretty annoying as there’s no way to see what progress you’ve made other than a stupid digital read-out, I also like seeing the “end” of the run, when you see that stop sign at 10 mile rd. I know the run is already complete...there’s no stopping when you see the end.

As for next week, I plan to do pretty much the same thing, but I might do core and leg workout on Tuesday and Thursday, because I’m not doing any core as it stands, and that’s pretty important for running. Just think, maybe this time next year I’ll be lean as hell, and practicing for a marathon. YOU NEVER KNOW. I apologize if I've bored you guys, but this is just me now, deal. See you next week?


SF4 9/27/09 - West (Ak) vs. loltima (Ak)

Had twenty some sets with WestAB's Akuma (he's way too good btw), I put 20 matches up on the youtubes for everyone's enjoyment, or anti-enjoyment -- whatever floats your boat (it is a mirror match after all, bleh). I recorded the TV with my camcorder, seeing as I don't have an HD recording device, and I muted the camera audio because it was just one-sided conversation and me bitching (not the funny kind either). I was still sort of boiling from the Viper trials I guess, so I put random fighting game music over instead. Enjoy!

Other than falling into patterns and making horrible errors in judgment, I'd say they were pretty good matches. West as always is clutch king and always seems to comeback with a sliver of health, maybe do to my inability to "seal the deal." I do play pretty wimpy when I get to the closing end of the matches.