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I probably have the worst view-point of anybody so far...

I went and saw it for the MIDNIGHT RELEASE! (Somewhat non-intentionally. For some reason my dad loves these movies and I felt obligated to go.)

But speaking as somebody who doesn't know too much (I learned a lot of Transformers stuff through Armada, while my dad and older brother were both G1 people.)

I'd say this was technically the best one. Pretty much every single problem that this series has had still exists (Giant plotholes that will never be explained, stupid amounts of eye-candy, explosions out the butthole, etc.) The one positive I took away from this was taking all of those problems into account, Marky Mark still did the best he could with the situation, and because of that was a thousand times better as a main character compared to Shia Labouf (The other main characters literally did nothing ever though, that's a big no-no)

The Dinobots were in the movie purely for advertising purposes, they were super disappointing especially considering they show up in the last half-hour of a THREE HOUR TRANSFORMERS MOVIE!

Optimus Prime is made to look like the greatest thing in the universe, and is everything that Cybertron and America stand for. Meanwhile Mega(Galva)tron is back again, and he pretty much did nothing... just like every other movie in this series...

The best thing I could possibly say about Transformers 4 was that it wasn't the worst movie i've ever seen. No doubt they're continuing this, and when they inevitably get to Unicron i'll end up seeing it just to watch how badly Michael Bay decides to screw the audience over again.

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A friend and I found and sat through all of Ricky-Oh: The Story of Ricky a day ago.

I don't recall the last time I laughed so hard that I was rendered immobile, so this movie takes the cake.

It is hysterically over the top, but seems to try and take itself very seriously. The characters make zero sense and pop out of nowhere, the plot is almost non-existent, and the dubbing sounds like I did it through a laptop microphone.

That doesn't mean DON'T watch this though. This was one of those times where a movie was so terrible it did a full 360-spin back to being fantastic. I gave this a 5/5 the second the first fight started.

If you aren't convinced, here's a fight from the film (A bit spolier-ish, but I watched this before starting the movie and it pretty much made me go "Alright movie, BLOW MY MIND!)

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I payed for a server transfer for a WoW character once... to the wrong server... ouch :|

Close second would be (Technically) when I rented out a TMNT game for the Gamecube, and then returned it within two hours (I even tried out the demo, man I made dumb choices as a youngin')

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I'm going through my usual "Alright last season's over, time to watch everything" phase at the moment and started with Brynhilder in the Darkness. I don't recall the last time a show has ever made me emotional (I personally think i've been a bit desensitized by most fictional stories nowadays) but by the end of this series I ended up a little distraught. It had good characterization, a nice light-to-dark feel to it, and a great stylization to it.

The only thing I've been told after looking it up afterwards was that the ending was very rushed (It did feel that way even without reading the manga) but I never found it problematic.

I think it's worth a watch to anybody looking for a good show (Though you may have to sit through some fan-servicey boob stuff on occasion)

I also sat and watched through Black Bullet over the last few days as well. While I'd say that's also worth watching, it left me more indifferent by the end. To me it had more of an "Intentional" feel to it, as in they have it planned out for it to have another season while setting it up with an ending in case that never happens (Like Futurama has done every single time it has ended.) Still a good show, and if they decide to go out and make a Season 2 I would have no problem enjoying that as well.

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Sup everybody!

I've been a bit back and forth with EVE for a few years now, but I think knowing that I'll have a community to actually play the game with will help me stick around after I get lost. So back to it I guess!

I'll edit this once I figure out what to name my new pilot :P

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Hello everybody! ThatZero(Loremiser) here!

I'm a new Video producer, making gaming content videos on Youtube, as well as a Graphic Designer, makin' nerdy shirts and posters because it's fun to do.

Ok, the part where I sell myself out like that is over, sorry, force of a habit :P

Seriously though, Hi everybody!
I'm a 19 year old Graphic Designer living on the East Coast. I've been watching Giant Bomb for almost 5 years now, and have no plan on stopping any time soon. Sadly, I never really got into the forum up until recently, but I hope to slowly get to meet a bunch of you and have a bunch of really dumb, but hilariously fun discussions about lots of stuff!

Also, I have a dog, and he is currently sitting on me and it kinda sucks just because he is sitting on me...

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And now i'm immediately excited.

As somebody who was watching VGCW back when it was a mangled mess of 4 hour Royal Rumble matches every night, I wish I knew the schedule for it now. For all I know there is one, but I usually forget to check Bazza's Twitter the nights that it ends up happening, and then proceed to be sad until the archive pops up lol.

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I wouldn't mind playing a few games with people, feel free to add me :D

Rank-Plat 4

User- ThatZero

Roles - Jungle/Support/Any of the Other three (I'm the bard, good at all, master of... well.. master of jungle but still)

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WC3 ended up being a purchase solely on the the cover and the inside flaps (RIP Inside Flaps :| ) And thanks to the free passes for WoW inside, was the catalyst for me investing hours and hours into Blizzard products till this very day lol.

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@loremiser: I'm right there with you with PvP. I am no good at it. The warzones I found myself in just seemed like a real big messy and confusing melee. Using my abilities and such against AI characters is one thing but against the living? That's something else!

The type of PvP in Galactic Starfighter is much, MUCH easier to get my head around. I just wish it allowed for joystick support. I think I'd be a much better pilot than with the mouse and keyboard config. My only real complaint is that it feels like you need to play (and win, ideally) A LOT before you can really invest in your equipment and build up a really decent fighter.

The problem with people PvP in any MMO to me at least, is that there is stratagy involved in group things (Arenas in WoW come to mind) but in things such as warzones/bgs/etc, it's the character who is geared up with PvP items and is flailing their mouse around you who is doing the best job in most occasions, which kind of sucks to me :/

Yea, from what i've heard, is that you mainly have to decide early on which ship you want to invest in, and stick with it, or else if you want to swap out to something else then you are waaaaay behind at the moment. I ended up playing around with the gunfighter (the sniping ship if i remember the name correctly) and because of it, my scout fighter is lacking, to the point where I could straight up lose fights to other people on the grounds that they had most of the passive upgrades. I eventually decided that one characters for gunships and the others for scouts, so at the worst case I can just swap characters when I feel like doing a different role, but it takes a bit away from the switch between death option, since it makes you feel kind of cemented.

And the mouse/keyboard isn't horrible, most dog fighter controls scare the crap out of me so I never involve myself in them lol.

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