Kingdoms of Amalur and War in the North.

So, I have recently started playing both of these. I like them both. Neither of them are terribly unique or original, but both are nice C tier Western action RPGs. War in the North might be a little too action game-y with all of the mounting turrets and game areas that are very level-ish. Kingdoms of Amalur is engrossing though.

It's too bad with what happened to the developers for Amalur. A sequel would have hopefully ironed out the kinks in the armour. Oh well, I bet Dragon Age III will be just as god as DAII...?



More like "Time Devouring Souls".

Dark Souls just ate away a large portion of my evening / night. I'm not sure if I like it more or less that Demon's Souls, but I enjoy it a lot. Both games for that matter. The differences are subtle, but there.

The level structure in Demon's Souls made it /almost/ straight forward where to go and the "open world" feeling in Dark Souls makes it a bit easier to get lost. Just now I made it down into "The Depths" and got to a bonfire. ...But it wouldn't light for some reason. I then die to a horde of rats and end up needing to retrace a good 30 minutes, but I wasn't sure how to get back there from the earlier bonfire. I eventually made it back and this time, I could light the fire and set my waypoint.

I also feel that the bosses are easier. Not sure yet though. I'm curious and suspicious of this due to the fact in Demon's, I played a magic using royal, but in Dark, I am using a sword wielding pyromancer. My royal could take two hits before dying, my pyromancer can take three times that many. If this is simply the difference between playing magic and melee, I'll figure it out sooner or later.

Now. To farm more souls.


Teacake PR.

Hey, I did a remix of a Phantasy Star II theme. The weapon shop music, Bracky News. Hopefully a few of you will enjoy this.



Well, I guess NISA only sent out my super premium deluxe version of Neptunia this morning.  Odds are, it won't even get here by NEXT weekend.  I suppose this gives me time to finish KotOR. 
I might also get back to Demon's Souls this weekend.  I am just about at the end of my NG+ playthrough.  Once I get Soul Thirst, I will have all I need to get max souls per hour.  Should be good!



Ghost Trick is one of the most gorgeous games I have ever seen.  Not even just on the DS, but on /any/ system. 
Also: I keep typoing it as Ghost Truck.  ...That sounds like a pretty good game too.



Almost time for Hyperdimension Neptunia!  I know it's gonna be kinda bad, but I do not care at all!  So overhyped!



All this PSP2 talk has gotten me in the mood to play PRINNY. 
Commence being awesome.


hell yeah

Level 50!  Starting to get some good looking armour. 
Also: Letting Game Room idle while I play WoW is good for some easy achievements.  :P