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One of my favourite games and so overlooked. Will definitely play this again.

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Loved Final Fantasy up until VII. Once the series hit the polygon age it just lost something. The Shining series also makes me sad due to it transforming into some light pornography series with bad combat. Shining Force and SFII though... damn.

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@shinryu said:

Wow 150k for 1 character thats ridiculous

Reading comprehension: Bottom tier.

Great fucking article Patrick!

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Yeah, it's pretty good. Especially for eight bucks.

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I'm Myauie!

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Specifically waiting and buying this game used for $10.

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Very cool article, Patrick. I'm another atheist who likes to see Western myths used as the backbone for the occasional game story. Xenogears was kind of a mess, but I liked the setting quite a bit. Sometimes you get bored of Roman and Greek mythology being used all the time. ...I just wish El Shaddai /played/ better. :P

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I just finished it and I would like to say DS games shouldn't have ten minutes of credits. >_>

Says the "music and sfx" were done by Shin'en Multimedia.

...Also, I won't spoil it, but the end credits song is Rogue Warrior level of lol.

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Good write up, Rorie. Going to get this tomorrow. I put, like, 100 hours in Demons' Souls and still have some stuff left to do, but damn, zeitgeist.