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It's been a while since I have had to download an unzipping tool so I was wondering what the best one is? For a while I used Winrar under a trial version (I beleive, anyway. It prompted me whenever I opened it to buy the program). I'm, of course, looking for a free version to unpack WoW add ons.

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Oh. Well, thanks for the info.

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So, I just got my laptop about a month ago. I have only tried playing World of Warcraft (Lich King) on it and find it troubling that it can not support the game at "ultra" (max) settings. The frame rate hovers around 17 fps if I max out the settings and that's in non-crowded areas, i.e not capital cities like Dalaran. I have updated all of my drivers, too. Any thoughts as to why this is? 
Here are my specs: 

  • Dell Studio 1558 
  • 15.6" 1366x720 display 
  • ATI Mobility Radeon 5470 HD 
  • Intel i5 450 @ 2.4ghz 
  • 6 GB RAM 
  • Windows 7 Home Edition
  • 500GB SATA hard drive
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Yeah, I really wanted to hear the characters speak at all times, but sometimes it's unclear what i being said. The subtitles are hardly sufficient.

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Yeah, Borderlands was probably my favorite game of 2009, but it didn't last past getting my main character (Roland) to level 50. Yes, I could have kept playing to beat the second playthrough, fully, but why? What would the point be? There's no achievement for that and there is no point in finding better weapons for a game I won't play. Maybe if they had some really competitive multiplayer (2v2, 3v3, etc) I would care what weapons my character had and such, but there was no pay-off to playing after level capping. 
Plus, the "economy" was broken. I maxed out my money so early that I can't really remember having less than $999,999. The only thing I used my money on was grenades because ammo is everywhere and as a soldier I regenerate ammo. 
I did play all of the DLC, which was also fun. Zombie Island was a great addition to get me back into a game I loved, but very short. Moxxi's Underdome Riot sounded a lot better than it worked out to be (spoiler alert: it's tedious). The Secret Armory of General Knoxx was the most expansive and content-rich DLC for the game and I loved it. However, I knock it only for the fact that they completely removed the fast-travel system that I used so heavily in the rest of the game. The humor and dialog was spot-on, as usual, and the increased level cap was fun to work towards. In the end, though, all of this DLC suffered the same fate that the main game did: it's short. You'll finish it wanting much, much more. If they can continue the life of the game extensively, whether it's through multiplayer or whatever then I will fall in love with Borderlands all over again.

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Is there any co-op modes in Medal of Honor? Is the campaign co-op?

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@innovacious said:
" Investment? My blu-ray dirve cost me £50 (about $80). They are hardly expensive. "
Well, I'm going to be buying a new laptop for school pretty soon and there's an option to upgrade from an 8x CD/DVD burner/player to a Blu Ray slot-load for $150. Anyway, it seems I should skip on that choice, stick with the 8x CD/DVD burner/player and if I really want a blu ray player on the go, I'll just invest in an external one.
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@Three0neFive said:
" @MysteriousBob said:
" @Lost_In_Gaming: Consoles? Perhaps, if they get the technology to deal with the load times. It would also be needed when games become large enough to warrant a media change- (most modern games still fit fine on a dual-sided DVD). "
Most games still fit on a dual-layer DVD because they have to. The 360 (and to a lesser extent Wii as it really isn't relevant anymore) is holding developers back - it uses vastly outdated technology, yet they're forced to work within those constraints because it's the most popular console this gen.  I honestly believe that games would be a lot better if the 360 had never existed. "
Every console generation becomes constrained by the limitations set by their hardware given to them at the time of their manufacturing, very quickly. It's why there even are different console generations. PCs, on the other hand, can update their hardware at any moment they so choose (to a certain degree). If it weren't for Microsoft pushing Kinect at the moment, then I'm sure we would be seeing MS's next home console much sooner. In response to your statement, "I honestly believe that games would be a lot better if the 360 had never existed," I would rephrase that and say that if it weren't for Kinect, Microsoft's console business would be seeing another generation a lot sooner.
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@Axxol: Tru dat. :P
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A friend of mine mentioned that investing in a Blu Ray player on a laptop/desktop is smart because he thinks that all games will all be on Blu Ray discs in the near future. So, what do you think? Is it worth the investment, just to play games that may or may not be Blu Ray exclusive in the future or should one just stick with the CD/DVD writer/player. 
Note: I never watch movies on my computer unless I'm streaming Hulu, so I probably won't watch Blu Ray movies on a computer either.