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@corruptedevil: Holy shit, that's even better. Man, I love God Hand.

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@humanity: Yeeeeeeep.

I was also really interested in seeing how that Obsidian Alien RPG would of turned out.

I was also interested in an open world zombie survival horror game (that's a mouthful) that was revealed at E3 2004 and cancelled two months later called Dead Rush

Back at that time, open world zombie games were not a thing at all and was super excited for it.

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I really like the US God Hand box art over the Japanese one because it's so dumb. "Check out this guys sweet hand tat as he punches past a post apocalyptic punk!"

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Since Giantbomb has been formed, the guys have not been what I would call impartial. They like anyone else have opinions, likes and dislikes and have always been upfront about it. Just like anyone else on the planet, they can be reasonable about somethings, unreasonable about others (Yoshi 4 lyfe, I stab at your heart of darkness Jeff) and at other points just straight up not give a fuck about certain things. It doesn't change the fact that I prefer my Xbox One over my PS4, the One simply has more stuff I want to play and despite some of it's flaws I do prefer the UI and find the kinect voice stuff handy. Brad liking the PS4 and finding the Xbox One a disappointment does not change my own opinion or even bother me. It's his decision to make my friend. Like I said the guys since starting this site have never really been impartial but for the most part I have always found them to be reasonable dudes. Like one duder said, if you just get over the hump thinking these dudes need to be hard edged impartial newsman and just take them for the lovable chuckle heads they are, you'll have more fun.

@brodehouse: Jeff's laugh every time the Ouya comes up is perhaps one of my favorite things and will support his position to treat the Ouya like shit forever.

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I guess I would say Shadow of Mordor? Witcher 3 and Inquisition look great, but I want to play the older games in the series (at least Witcher 2 and I never finished my save of Origins, I should do this) and I'm terribly slow at beating games, especially RPG's. Mordor has no previous games so I could easily pick it up and just play through it and not irritate the part of my brain that almost always demand I play and finish previous game of series whenever a sequel hits.

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In my co-op time with a friend I'm playing through Resident Evil Revelations Raid mode (probably the best online mode Capcom has done for this series, it really needs to come back for RE7 or whatever the next RE is.) and Borderlands 2 as a Psycho while my friend uses a Mechnomancer.

In my single player time I have SSX going at the moment, I'm slowly making my way through it. I'm having fun with it, SSX was a favorite of mine in the PS2 era and just like the older games, it has a great soundtrack to just chill out and ride to.

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Resident Evil. All I need to do is survive one harrowing scenario and then maybe I can go the way of Barry Burton or Billy Coen and go live a normal life somewhere. While I'm at it I'll find Barry and buy him a beer and all the bar sandwiches he can stand.

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I just finished it but some events were different from when I watched Patrick played it earlier. I got "killed" way later then he did, the paper bag never spoke to me and a few other random things. Even though I watched it played yesterday evening, I was still creeped out and jumped at the parts I've already seen. The atmosphere was just so tense. I also saw something Patrick didn't (or maybe I just missed it.) but when something is thrown at you from upstairs, if you look up and towards the left, you'll see the ghost lady staring down at you and then just walks backwards into the darkness above Scared the shit out of me.

Still a lot of fun, but the game is really brought down fast when you reach a lull of nothing happening and just not knowing what to do. If the main game, whatever it ends up being avoids moments like that, it will be something I'm very excited to try out. I also hope it stays in first person.

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It depends on the game itself, but normal is usually my go to for most games and then do a second play through on hard. Although, for stuff like Devil May Cry or character action games I'll go hard since I enjoy the increased challenge from those games. I find most of the time the challenge in harder difficulties on a devil may cry or ninja gaiden makes me use more of my move-set since harder difficulties on those games tend to punish you for using only moves you feel comfortable with, making you have to mix it up a bit more.

As in where a lot of FPS, not all of them mind you but a good many I have played hard is generally just you take way more damage and the enemies suddenly have god level accuracy which is not much fun.

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Just fucking give me TimeSplitters 4 already. For the love of god, I need it. (and this is probably the worst time to say this seeing as how the TimeSplitters team is now Crytek UK and there's all this buzz about Crytek being in trouble)

You have no idea how much I want a new Timesplitters, I would of put it on my list if I thought it had a chance coming out. Even before the troubles at Crytek, the guys who say what goes over there where always very dismissive about the idea or vague "if there is enough interest" responses. If Crytek UK shutters or if most of the employees just leave, I hope somebody scoops them up and lets them work on a new Timesplitters game. As it stands, I'd take a new Timesplitters over a Homefront sequel (I just played through the first game and its kind of terrible so I'm not exactly hot on the idea of a sequel.) or another Crysis game. Crytek gonna do what Crytek gonna do I suppose.