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I stopped giving any kind of a shit about wrestling somewhere between the ages of 18-20 but the wrestling references don't bother me at all. The only thing I find odd is Dan's insistence on filtering everything through wrestling when talking about other topics. It doesn't bother me and find it more baffling than anything and sometimes it brings about gloriously dumb and hilarious conversations so it works out in the end I say. I would rather have the dudes talk about something they really enjoy, even if it's super dumb then another bout of negativity or shitting on things they don't care to even try to understand. That always bummed me out more then wrasslin' talk.

Also, the 16th president of the united states, a guy you might of heard about called Abraham Lincoln use to wrestle in his youth and was quite good at it. So when you insult wrestling, you insult America and one of our greatest presidents and I can't abide by that sir. NOT ONE BIT.

So let the Danimania run wild I say, wild and free all over you brother.

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I want to give all of these games a shot at one point. Grim Fandango for being a piece of gaming history I've missed out on, and Dying Light just for some low-key, uncomplicated run around a map and bashing some skulls in type of fun. These type of games also tend to be a lot more fun in co-op so I imagine I'll play through it with my friend.

Life is Strange is the one I'm the most interested in. I'm down with time traveling nonsense and really like the look of it. Remember Me was also a very flawed, but very fun game for me so after that game I'm willing to give the developers a shot on other projects. Especially if they all keep being as interesting as Life is Strange seems to be. Still, I have a huge back-log so I won't be touching these games soon, but Life is Strange will probably be the first one I do play out of the three.

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I've never really ever pinned down a number one favorite (except maybe Final Fight, I grew up playing a lot of brawlers and Final Fight on the SNES was one of those games I played to hell and back. I even remember buying Final Fight Guy from blockbuster in some kind of clearance sale as a kid and was blown away by having a completely new character to play and beat the game again a bajillion times)

To put up a game that isn't backed by so much childhood nostalgia would probably have to be RE4. I remember playing RE4 when it came out in Janurary 05 and not much else for a solid four months or so. If I was to try and count completed playthroughs across multiple console releases would probably be in the neighborhood of fifty or more completed runs and a ton of hours in mercenaries. I've bought the game on Gamecube, PS2 (the bonus Ada campaign made me buy it on release without hesitation), Wii and Xbox 360. If Capcom takes yet another trip to the well and re-releases the thing on new consoles I will buy it yet again. RE2 is the only RE game that came close to the amount of times I've played a game to death and is probably in my top five as well.

The Fallout series is the only other batch of games I can think of having played on an obsessive level and became instant favorites upon playing them for the first time. Fallout 3 is the only game that was a weird one, I thought the story stuff was bunk and the "oh no, enclave are back son!" stuff grated on me. I can also get Jeff Gertsmann levels of indignant rage over the ending change that happened with Broken Steel. That was some powerfully stupid stuff. I still put in a staggering amount of time with it and did it all over again with New Vegas. It's also been a couple of years since I've played through the first two games, so I'll probably do that again.

Other games like Tales of Symphonia, Freedom Fighters, Condemned: Criminal Origins, Fire Emblem on GBA and Path of Radiance on Gamecube have taken up large amounts of time from me over the years. RE4 and the Fallout series takes the top spot for me just remembering random minutia of it such as knowing just about where nearly every spinel or hidden shiny is merely by heart. Or remembering an unhealthy amount of world lore and characters from the Fallout games. I haven't really been in the business of playing certain games to death and learning all the in's and outs of the game. Either because I have such a huge back log, or spending that much time with anything that isn't a new Fallout game will eventually make me lose steam with it. As much as I loved Skyrim I eventually petered out on it and left a ton of stuff undone, I keep meaning to go back to that game.

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@n7: Don't mean to pull up a couple of months old topic but I find it fascinating that my feelings on Rogue are opposite of yours. I was reading your "review-not review" but stopped when you started getting to story spoilers, I'll come back to it after I beat the story beats of Rogue. I'm having just as much fun with this game as I did in Black Flag, it definitely feels like a glorified mod of Black Flag and not as polished up (I even find Shay likable! Although I feel his "turn" from going away to the brotherhood made sense, it felt like the process was sped up way too fast and it just feels like it came out of nowhere. Probably a by-product of the game only having six story chapters) but I'm willing to admit my impressions are being colored by two things.

One: I bought the game for thirty bucks three days ago instead of sixty on initial release. So even if something happens to make me cool on the game, I may not be hit as hard by virtue of not spending as much.

Two: About a week and a half ago I was making my way through Unity and generally not having a good time with it. I didn't hate it (but if I think about that game for a particular length of time I start to get annoyed, so maybe I actually did) but everything about it felt underwhelming, undercooked and straight up boring. Like yourself, I identify as a big AC fan, even when the series is not at it's best (Revelations, AC, Liberation and now Unity) I still manage to find something to enjoy. Either because I love the history angle, the convoluted and stupid yet occasionally goddamn intriguing bits and pieces you get from the modern day stuff, and because I love climbing buildings and neck stabbing dudes more then I probably should. It's a series by all accounts I should be done with, yet I just keep coming back and getting every damn collectible and doing everything in the game like a crazy person. I know I have a problem, but it's too late for me, I'm going to stab necks till I die!

Anyway back to point two, is that Unity is a bunk game and because of my weird dedication to the series I was going to go on and get the rest of the achievements and do everything. Until my External hard drive died randomly and sort of freed me from that game. For now. I was taken aback by the setback and couldn't be bothered to install all those gigs of Unity again, so I put the kibosh on the game (but I'll come back and do everything else in it, cause like I mentioned I have a problem) but it at least stopped me for now. Other then graphical fidelity and the city of Paris, Unity is probably the weakest the series has been. Even with all the patches the game still feels like it's tied together by string and I just don't give a damn about anything happening in it. It feels like a soulless game with a pretty coat of paint. I haven't felt so down on an AC game since three and Unity can't fall back on decent story like 3 did. The story and act of playing the game is just not interesting and they have even made some baffling removal decisions. Can't use hidden blades in combat, you can't whistle at dudes behind walls or in haystacks to draw them over, can't pick up bodies, and using a pistol in free aim somehow feels WORSE.

Buying tons of armor and weapons to make my Arno look like the most baller neck stabber on the block is fun though. Co-op is enjoyable and interesting but it's still plagued by the game itself so is not nearly as fun as it could be. Not to mention tons of connection problems plague that game and would randomly decide if I could play co-op with friends that particular day. The frame rate is not as terrible as it was at launch but it still likes to dip and dive all over the place and I've about four crashes. The free running also feels jankier then usual, I remember having weird free running problems in Black Flag (like Edward just randomly falling off buildings and since Rogue uses that same engine, I get some of that to a certain extent too) but I don't feel very in control and the combat also feels a hell of a lot weaker. It's like they tried to take complaints of the games combat being too easy and decided to make the enemies tougher to deal with. That goal is accomplished I guess, but when I get into scraps with at least eight dudes, I feel so limited and freaking slow that I just go "fuck it" and throw down smoke bombs and either run away or stab people in the haze. Unity is the first game in the series where I have actively disliked fighting dudes, it's the weirdest thing. I mean fuck, in combat when a dude has a gun aimed at me, unless I keep missing the prompt I can't even use a human shield to absorb his shot, I just have to keep rolling around like an asshole until he either misses his shot or decides my crazy rolling is just too much for him and he holsters it.

I now realize this just turned into a massive rant of my misgivings with Unity, sorry about that. Before I go spouting off more and more, Rogue is very much Black Flag 2.0 and I do agree it is not as strong as that game. But the time I have had with this game compared to Unity feels like opening up a bag of my favorite potato chips, it may be empty calories and bad for me, but I like the taste and it makes me feel like everything is gonna be alright (this is a really bad analogy) while Unity was the equivalent of opening that same bag of chips but it was filled with spiders. I do look forward to reading through the story stuff of your other post when I have completed the story of Rogue. Much of the stuff you take issue with in the gameplay either doesn't bother me nearly as much (I didn't ever run into the gas mask glitch, sounds like a pain in the ass) or Unity just hit me in the nards so hard that it's short comings don't register by virtue of not being Unity. I can vouch for the hunting issue though being whack, I've come across an area not having any animals it was suppose to, or animals being in a different spot. I would find rabbits in the fox hunting ground and vice versa, but when I never found animals fast traveling out and back seemed to fix it most of the time.

Yeah, I've talked quite a bit now, I tend to do that in the late hours. I'm curious if my feelings on Rogue will change once I complete it and do everything else. I've racked up a good twelve hours on it and I'm at the tail end of sequence 03 and so far I've been enjoying all of it. I haven't had as much twitchy free running jank (at least compared to Unity), and the combat doesn't bother me as much since Unity's felt worse and so far I haven't had very many bugs. Except one time after I took over a ship and salvaged it, I randomly turned into Assassin Shay, I turned back to normal after a fast travel back to my HQ. Sorry to hear your over all time with it was bad though my friend, maybe I would of felt the same if I haven't played Unity first. Thus far Rogue is doing a good job of making me forget about that game. Until I decide to reinstall it when I get a new External HDD and complete the rest of the story. Even though I really, really don't care about any of it, I'll still see the Unity story through because I'm a mark for this series.

In summation: Unity really pissed me off and Rogue feels like an old and worn cozy blanket. A little ratty and due for a mend but still feels comfortable.

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I've been playing Assassin's Creed: Unity and....I don't know. Even with all the patches, the game still feels like it's being held together by string. I've had three crashes, the frame-rate seems inconsistent but bearable with it getting REALLY bad in a couple of instances. Add in a couple of other instances of all the audio in the game wigging out for a few seconds and then going back to normal. I've played more broken games for sure, but this game is pushing it. With Ubisoft touting how this was the AC to take the new consoles by storm, it leaves a very mediocre and occasionally very frustrating impression. The online co-op also seems to only want to work when it feels like it. At least when it concerns me and my friend getting into a game together, one day it works without a hitch, the next we either can't connect to each other at all or we get disconnected a lot when in a game.

I'm also baffled by some of the things it took out, like being able to whistle in haystacks or behind walls to lure enemies, not being able to carry bodies and the like. This entire game feels very slapdash. I make no bones about being somewhat of an AC apologist, the mission design has definitely needed better work for years and Unity doesn't seem to be a massive improvement in that area either. But it's one of the nicest games I've seen for my One and AC's combination of parkour and being back dropped in significant portions of history still does a lot for making me like the series, even when it has serious missteps. I didn't get this game on launch and with how it still feels really, really wonky is forcing me to wait on the next game with a healthy dose of skepticism.

This is the first Creed game to really test my faith in the series, AC3 had a lot of problems too but that game never felt/seemed as cobbled together as this one does. Also, the loading times in this game are pretty ridiculous. It really breaks my heart that Unity is such a hot mess, I really like the series, even when it's not at it's best but this game is making it really difficult to put up with the series short comings.

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I'm currently on episode 5 of Sons of Drewberty and enjoying the hell out of it. I personally can't wait for them to get to three, Snake Eater is my favorite in the series. For whatever reason, the cold war era stuff does it for me more then the modern day of MGS2 and 4. Although now I'm considering if I should hunt down a copy of Guns of the Patriots and play four along with Drew and Dan when they get to it. As someone who has been a fan of Metal Gear Solid when I was a kid, not beating the fourth one has always been on my pile of shame list.

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I'd say its pretty fair, although I do agree. Both Microsoft and Sony need to look into finding better ways to mitigate this kind of thing. Three days is not all that bad in the grand scheme of things, but if enough yahoo's decide to try to keep it down for longer it could really start to be a huge pain in the ass. For consumers and for the public images of these companies.

I wasn't even on PSN for the time it was out, so the bonus days will suit me fine and I'll use that 10% code to finally buy Transistor. A game I've been meaning to get around to finally playing.

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Man, this seriously bums me out. I had no inkling of who Patrick was when he first joined, at that point in time I followed giantbomb almost exclusively for game stuff, other then Joystiq for general gaming news. It didn't take long for him to became a favorite on the site for me, spookin' is one of the reasons why I bought a premium account. I look forward to where he goes next and I'm glad he will continue spookin' in some capacity. You will be missed Patrick, hope you will stop by in the future and get up to no good with the crew.

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The usual tradition around here was opening a present on Christmas Eve, then opening everything else Christmas morning before heading over to my grandmothers to do more gift giving and Christmas dinner there. Then watching A Christmas Story once we got home. My dad is into all things Christmas and usually goes to insane limits to gift people awesome stuff every year without fail. As my brother and I have gotten older he gets seriously bummed out that it's harder to surprise us, since I never usually want anything crazier then some cash and maybe a few games, but even with that he still manages to pull off something ridiculous.

I'm a bit of a gun enthusiast, especially older guns. One year he surprised me with a Mauser Pistol complete with the stock because I offhandedly mentioned how if I had the opportunity, I would get one and frame it one day. The last Christmas was a tough one since it was the first Christmas as a family without my mother who passed away earlier that year, but even with that my dad still does what he can so that everyone in the family has a nice Christmas.

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One of my favorite female characters was always Lucia from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. So much so that Lucia is generally my default go to name when making a female character in an RPG.