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Don't belive the hype 0

Wow. I was hyped for this game, but now that I've spent some time with it I'm very disappointed. My first impression was that the AI is far too simple to put up any challenge. So, I attempt to go online and get nothing but horrible lag. LAG LAG LAG. I have a 12 Mbit fiber to the home connection, so it's not me. Once I finally found a match it didn't get much better. Every win I got, and all that were against me were PURE LUCK. Each time the fighters were at full stamina and took 1 punch to drop ...

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So much promise, so little delivery. 0

Will Wright may be considered by some as a genius of the gaming industry.  While I have never got to attend any of his talks, I have on occasion watched footage from some of them, and have come to think of him as a theoretical genius.  Will is exactly the type of guy you want thinking in a tank about what game concepts could be.  Just don't let him actually have an in-depth role on the actual creation process. Arguably Spore's main draw is the creature creator.  It allows you to easily make ver...

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Only for the hardcore 0

Tactical RPGS for the most part have been geared toward single party strategy attacks in chessboard like locations. While Soul Nomad keeps some of these clichés, it departs from the rest, mainly in party size. In battles you will not only fight with just your party, you will fight with multiple parties to form an army of combatants. The way this is accomplished is rather complex and initially are hard concept to grasp.You will start off with only two characters and one room. The easiest way to c...

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A Dynasty of Mediocrity. 0

Warriors Orochi is the newest beat ‘em up from Koei. Like previous games in the Dynasty Warriors series, Warriors Orochi is a button hammering mess of brain-dead NPC’s and timeworn combat.The daemon Orochi has come from another dimension to challenge the greatest warriors from the Dynasty Warriors series. Though the games, story modes you will unravel the mystery of why this daemon has come and what’s in-store for him.In Warriors Orochi, there are four different story modes, yet there is really ...

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Not even for fans of the show. 0

A console’s last years are a special time. With new shiny systems available, console manufactures start to loosen up their restrictions on what types of games can reach the market. Games with sub-par production values soon flood the stores with promises of cheap thrills. Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am is a prime example of such a game. Its poor game mechanics and lackluster story highlight the worst golf/fighting/racing combination to ever reach store shelves. In-fact it’s the only ...

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