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@olqavtoras: same, I was at work when I heard and was shocked and saddened. He is missed.

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@midnightgreen20: I fully disagree with you in total, To me you sound like one of those elitist players that prefered SF3 and shit totally on SF4 for pretty bad reasons and I pretty much think you are offbase with your remarks about SF4 and haven't given it a fair chance.

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I think it's not going to be as bad as last year but it's going to be really bad.

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Can someone send me an invite to the giantbomb squad for xbox 360?

They now allow more than 300 people to a crew - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/giant_bomb

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Thanks so much

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Adding you my gt is lothars

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@diablos1125: did you associate your club nintendo code with the new system? if you did than you should be fine. The transfer tool takes everything from the old one but I don't think it removes anything from the new system.

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I sent a request to the third group on 360, my rockstar social id is Lothars and my Gamertag is Lothars

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@extreme_popcorn: Also I'm paying half to 75% less for games on steam than I am for games on xbox.

So it's two totally different things and physical games on console are totally different than PC IMO.

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#1 = Happy Wars (Full Game)

#2 = Sports Picks (Application)

#3 = Terraria (Trial Version)

#4 = Harley Quinn Injustice Trailer

#5 = GT Game Trailers App

#6 = type furryears into bing search on xbox

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