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$83.5 million

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Apollo Justice is a good game. People are being haters. Nothing in Apollo Justice is as bad as the circus case from the second game, and that's a fact.

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I don't know why this is a *bad* thing. They asked for feedback after Mass Effect 2. I know because I filled out one of the surveys. It's a thing companies do.

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Yeah, sure looks like Rastan. But hey Rastan is awesome.

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I would say start with VI but I do agree that X is a pretty solid game. Just be ready for some anime level insanity and so just plain AWFUL voice acting.

And MY favorite is XII. I think it's aged really well, has a very interesting story (that sadly kinda loses it's way near the end, just like in Final Fantasy Tactics), and the gameplay system, while VERY different from the standard FF games, is super fascinating.

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I know I'm just some random stranger on the internet, but seriously, congrats and best of luck.

Also, @village_guy beat me to the pony video.

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Beyond I think is better than Evolution, but while watching Beyond, I can never quite get away from the idea that I'm watching a less good version of Batman The Animated Series. Because DAMN that show is good.

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It won't happen but the Mutant Leader from Dark Knight Returns would be a lot of fun.

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You should talk about movies. WUTANG has been missing.