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Thanks for the unique perspective on the game. I don't think I've seen any critical reactions to the game yet so it's a good thing you wrote this post, I might have bought the game thinking it was good otherwise.

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I found that the mounts were handy in The Hissing Wastes, because that place was so big and flat. Besides that, ehhh, who cares right?

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@daveyo520: Only need to level up both of the protagonists. Feel free to leave crappy party members on the side. Teddie for instance is mostly worthless.

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@asilentprotagonist: You will get some. Follow the story till you spend time with classy Orlesian types. Good stats for rogues, but my poor Qunari inquisitior can't wear any of them.

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Sounds like the import went sour. My Hawke reflected the choices I made. Obviously you are way too far in to wamy to start over, but if you replay, double check that you clicked to export your world from the keep.

Of course it could also just be a bug. Who knows?

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Check me out on PC. Always up to play with cool people.

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@l4wd0g: Did you click on the linked picture? She isn't talking about what you think she is...

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Is this where I say "For The Horde"?

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I always found the song "Stones" from the Ultima series to be a great combination of simple and haunting.

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I always wanted to try Antechamber