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It sounds like something I'd be interested in. I've never been a huge tactics fan and my expectations for what a game in the genre should be aren't really cemented. I have enjoyed the recent XCOM and Shadowrun releases though. It seems like a good fit for my new tablet and hopefully it works with touch.

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$82.33 million

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The 12 GB still has a place to take a HDD, right? If my PS3 broke right now, and ignoring any bundles making for a better deal, I'd probably just get that and throw my current HDD in it, especially with the PS4 so close.

Of course I'm a PS+ subscriber. The older system with 1 year for $250 is them basically throwing in a 250 GB HDD for free.

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I'm sorry if I sound like the most ignorant person on the planet, but how does this not get caught during QA ? It's not like it's something that only a small fraction of people are gonna do. Nowadays, almost everyone installs their games given the choice. The game loads faster AND you don't get the airplane noise. Does this only with specific 360 or with every console ?

I remember the Bombcast mentioning the "Stop shipping broken games" during one of their GOTY deliberations. Guess what ?

I sort of answered this in my comment which is next to yours. The game is streaming content from both your HDD and optical drive. Streaming content for both from the same drive is going to give you a performance hit, whether it's trying to read info from two places on the same drive at once or because the buffer for the HDD is maxed out. It's not that it's broken when installed, it's that the game is able to do more when not installed.

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As has been pointed out, mandatory install on HDD, play disc on USB. I've seen a dozen articles based on the Digital Foundry report, but none on their follow up with more info on the USB drive.

And, no, Rockstar isn't going to fix this. It's as designed I'm sure. The reason that you take a performance hit when installing both discs is because all of that content is coming in from one source and creating a bottleneck when the game expects it to come from two places.

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Are you asking about vegans or vegetarians? Your thread title says vegetarians thing but then your first sentence is about vegans. Vegetarians eat eggs and dairy. Hulk Hogan's routine involves eating dozens of egg whites each day. I'm a fan of fage yogurt which has 20 g of protein per serving. That's just a bit shy of a quarter pound of ground beef.

Also, check the below link.


I don't why things like this are treated as opinions and framed with questinos like, "Do you think....?" when they involve information and hard evidence that's right there and easy to find.

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I thought I'd chime in and mention that earlier this week I flashed CyanogenMod 10.1 (4.2.2) onto my Motorola Photon Q. CM repopulated most of my existing apps, including this one, back onto my phone, but without data or anything so it's basically a new installation. The first time that I opened up GBVB after that it opened the notes in Chrome. It never did that before on the 4.1.2 buld from Motorola and hasn't since.

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Version 1.0.4 Available

  • Added an experimental setting to save downloads to the SD Card on devices with both an internal storage volume and a removable SD Card.
  • Long-pressing on the play button will now play the video in a third-party app.
  • Improved the wording on a potentially misleading error message.

@louiedog: Adding a Share button wasn't looking to be entirely straightforward. Normally you'd expect it to point off to a resource anyone could view, but in order for it to work with Yatse it would need to point to the file directly and sometimes that file would be on the local device. Happily, Yatse registers itself as a video player, so turning off the "Play in GBVB" setting would let you use its UPnP/AirPlay/XBMC functionality. Flipping that setting on and off for individual videos seemed like it would be a pain, so I added the long-press-the-play-button feature as a compromise. Give it a shot and let me know if it gets the job done.

That's a really smart and elegant solution. The send to XBMC feature works great and as a side effect I'm also getting something else that I wanted. I like playing videos through your app, but certain videos I'd rather play in mx player. It has the ability to just play audio with the app in the background which is how I prefer to get jar time and some other videos. Now I can leave all videos playing in app, but when one of those specific videos comes up I can long press to open them in mx player instead.

Thanks a lot!

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@soup_menu: Worked fine on my Motorola whose external sd card mounts at /storage/sdcard1/. It created the android/data/<app>/files/videos/ folder structure on the SD card. I tried multiple videos and qualities and verified that they were indeed ending up in that created folder. Thanks for putting that feature in.