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Couldnt find it anywhere on the site. Its gotta be somewhere right?

Just to clarify, these are what im looking for: http://www.giantbomb.com/articles/brad-shoemaker-s-top-10-games-of-2013/1100-4824/

I was pretty busy when they all started coming out, so I didnt get a chance to read, or bookmark them. Looking for all of them.

Also, I listen to all the GOTY podcasts in my car, and meant to write down a bunch of games as they were nominating/discussing them. Is there a list anywhere of the ones they discussed? If not I guess I can re-listen to them all and find them.


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@EquitasInvictus said:

I don't think the Giant Bomb achievements system is too active (in fact, it's getting phased out), but if you really wanted to refresh it right away you can go to your profile's achievements page, Click "Manage Your Accounts" and you should see a list of your accounts and a refresh button. Click the refresh button and wait a bit and it should update.

im not seeing a refresh button:

@49th said:

No one will ever see them.

I dont care about people seeing them. Im more interested in comparing my acheivements to other peoples, and seeing which of mine are rare or uncommon achievements.

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Just wondering if this happens to everyone here, but i recently linked my steam account here to compare my achevements to others. Awesome feature, but unfortunatey, it is taking forever to show up in giant bomb.

According to this giantbomb, the last time i played was nov 27, which is 1 week ago, and ive played every day since.