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Well hopefully Morpheus is awesome and people can get it working on pc as well as PS4 as there is no way I'm going to give the money required for a VR headset to facebook.

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Finally some one with sense and not having last of us on there list that game is not fun to play would have been a way better movie than game.

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I opened this expecting it to be a wedding joke.....

Holly crap I have never felt this effected by a death of some one I had ever met. I feel that he has played a major part of me growing up with the podcasts and shows he has been on and would thank him for the large amount of fully belly laughs he has provided. I can only imagine how the crew and his family and friends feel, so my condolences to you all.

I still just cant believe it I will miss you taswell and ill make sure to poor out some beer for you tonight. R.I.P

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I have a powerful gaming pc and have brought a wiiu so i will hold off new hardware till there is a price cut for the new xbox or playstation to get one but i may just not buy one this time round kind of love the pc more and more.

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I panicked for a brief period when the site was white then saw that button and all was right with the world. Was tempted by third option because colour was spelled correctly

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Dam now I really do need to play the first two.

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I'm waiting for what new way we are going to be interacting with games is from both companies as we know its coming. However my main hope is that Microsoft make better integration between Xbox and pc like the rumoured Skype chat. And I als othink they are going to be expensive as hell.

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@jacksmedulla said:


I think he summed it up best. However I wish there where less hooters and more original game ideas but companies love the money.

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I think comparing to the wii is not fair and the only issue was that Nintendo thought that this would sell as much as the wii. In a low economy with a more expensive system. How ever I would be interested to compare it to what the sales where for the xbox 360 and ps3 in there launch period.

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It has to be tea as that is the correct drink for any situation you may find yourself in.