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This has had more impact on me than any death of someone I don't know personally. When you listen to someone talk for 3 hours a week for a few years it is hard not to think you know them. So sda for his friends and family, this is a tremendous loss.

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The site has great blogging and forum tools. Why is this in the news section? If it were a blog I'd have no problem with it, but trying to drum up outrage over a program that is only for Japan as a news article seems a bridge too far.

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Exploitative? I'm sorry, did Sony announce that when you buy a Vita they would come to your house and destroy your existing PSP?

Also, this hasn't been announced for the West yet and most likely, given how much the PSP was abused by piracy in the West, I doubt Sony would bother. It is amazing that they are providing a backward compatibility path at all.

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For whatever reasons, that headline is the funniest one I've ever read (video game related).

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I am having the problems above using either IE or Firefox. 
In IE it is slightly different, I never get pass the click on "My Desktop" before it freezes.  I think it has something to do with when you click on Add Images two windows come up, the normal one that asks you to select the source of the image and one in the background that asks you to drag it into the other categories. 
In Mozilla it uploads to 100% but then hangs.  Sometimes the image uploads (but doesn't indicate it other than in the My Iages section).  Other times it does not. 
I am going to install Chrome to see if that helps. Which is an extreme solution. 
EDIT: Works fine with Chrome, in fact the whole site is better with Chrome, but I'm not switching browsers for a single site (even one as awesome as this).
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Scarface over GTA3.