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Are download speed of 1.1 Mbps and Upload speed of 1.6 Mbps good? If not any ideas on how I can improve them? I've had my PS3 for years and it has been working fine no changes in internet provider or anything, I will appreciate it, thanks in advance

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So I would have to wait until it's released for PS3? Stupid put's it as out for PS3 September 9th 2010...

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Those the link above include the link below or are they 2 separate games?

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The scene in the very beginning of the game when Kane is an intense shoot out, where and when is that happening? They never really explain it and he arrives in Shanghai and does not even mention it...

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Thanks guys, wasn't aware they had a section on the site

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I am really into games that run at 60FPS than ultra crisp graphics, I am currently looking for new games to buy regardless of when released and wanted to know if you guys can help me by listing the games you know run at 60FPS, The only ones I have and can come up with are Kane & Lynch: Dog Days and Modern Warfare 2, any others worth trying?

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I am in the mission in Cuba in which you escort Carlos as he carries the mine to the front of the gate, I have repetively killed all the bad guys and given Carlos the command to move, he never moves from his place, am I doing something wrong or is this an unfortunate bug? 

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Ico and Shadow of The Collosus remakes in one game running at 60FPS? I read this somewhere and saw boxart, any news on a release date? Is this even real?

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@Zidd: seems like a good idea, thanks bro, i'll have to go to staples and buy that
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So I am having a common problem in which the first party iPhone headphones volume control are not working, the headphones work fine and far as sound goes. This problem came after my friend forced in third party headphones now here is the tricky part, a lot of people have this problem and the common fix is to dig out lint out of the phone, I'm guessing the third-party headphones forced the lint all the way in as now when I plug in my regular headphones they don't fit all the way, anyway to fix this?