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Honestly I don't care if the West and the other guy were in the wrong, maybe they should've got fired who knows, but you don't cheat hard workers out of their fair share (royalty) that's just messed up really, these guys were passionate about what they did and I hate to see the big corporations taking ruling over passionate developers, money does not make good games, passionate developers do so the hell with activision, I will support whatever studio West and the other guy end up working for

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I'm boycotting Activision because of their horrible CEO's work ethic

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@Black_Rose: I would never boycott Ubisoft but this Activision thing has me a little pissed off...
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I honestly don't think I like any Activision game besides their COD:MW franchise which I can live without, I have about 25 games I don't own one Activision title, so this is actually easy for me to do lol I also thought about the future games I plan on playing... MGS series, DMC, RE, Batman AA, Just Cause... Splinter Cell port, Rainbow Six series, Ghost Recon series, Socom series, FF series and Alpha Protocol

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When I came across the incident of GameSpot and Kane & Lynch I came to GiantBomb and decided to never visit GameSpot again, Now that this is happening with Activision I plan on never playing an Activision game again.

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I know to tether is more of just tapping R1 but to grapple places sometimes it's fairly easy other times fairley difficult. Is the trick all in the timing? in the videos it looks so easy...

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I want this on PSN :(

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Interesting, so you can have a team of 12 people squadless?

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Can you talk with any of the people outside of your squad in any circumstances? The only thing holding me back from buying this game is the fact that in the demo you could only talk to your other 3 squad mates, not even proximity chat? really...