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I have 4 open class slots and I want to come up with one and call it Giant Bomb, I want your inputs on the perks and weapons I should use, what do you think is the most kick ass all around class? I think having Cold-Blooded and a Stinger as secondary is already a must, but what should I have for the rest?

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If you fire a weapon you show up on radar, but you're never suppose to show up on heartbeat sensor even if you fire the weapon

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About 2 months ago I remember hearing that the Ninja perk did not work on Heartbeat Sensors, I remember using the Ninja Perk and dying by someone with a heartbeat sensor but I could never notice if I was on the radar or not, I used a silencer but I was moving. Anyway I am thinking about setting up a Ninja Perk class and was wondering if the perk works or is it still messed up?

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@Workyticket: Cold-Blooded 2nd Perk, I use it all the time, every team should have that one guy who uses cold blooded and has a stinger missile
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I personally like the killstreak system although I would do minor tweaks, first of No nuke, and no radar, the UAV would be your temporary radar until then use your skill trying to find the enemy, I don't hate grenade launchers (nor do I use them) but I think they are pretty balanced if you think about it, they take up an attachment and reloading takes awhile, I like to knife people a lot but I would've tweaked that as well, they should've just included faster swipe (like tactical knife) teleporting 10 ft and knifing someone sucks and I will admit it, I do it only because it's the only counter to receiving it.

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Yeah, I assumed it would be included, it was something they could advertise over other shooters out there, I mean come on, people love co-op!!

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The entire game you're with your 3 A.I team mates, co-op should be a no-brainer although I haven't heard of any co-op in the game

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@Jimbo_N: Yeah but I think it was cheap that even in his thoughts he doesnt know he's the killer
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Throughout the game are Scott Shelby's thoughts general or are they specific, I just think it would break the experience if one of his thoughts is something along the lines of "I have to catch the Origami Killer" being that it's him, I would prefer a more subtle thought like "I need to get as much evidence as I can" therefore leading the player to think that he is the good guy although he wants those things for the wrong reason

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I'm starting to feel like i'm in the gfaqs board lol, usually people are very helpful here