Superday! (Insert some sort of epic superhero music here)

Hello there, fellow Giantbombers!
I return with a similar blog post to one I have made before - because I am in a similar predicament. I made a new comedy sketch for youtube - a rather random bout that details the life of two boys who gain useless superpowers. Anyway, I would like for people to get some laughs out of this if they are into it and help me out by providing views and any comments that they feel necessary. 
I'm just doing this for fun really on a budget of $0, but I am a Media Theory and Production (MTP/MIT) student at Western U...

Tell me what you guys think! Thanks so much for watching! I appreciate any comments you guys can give...
If you liked this at all and haven't already - make sure to check out my previous series called Peanut Butter Bandit.

A question about working in a union? Any help appreciated!

I don't really care much about this, but the other guy at my work seemed to care a lot more. It really wasn't a big deal, but it was more just my curiosity that leads me to asking this question (also so I can deny him for the next time).
So I work at No Frills (grocery store) during the summer which is part of a Union. I do my job fine there, and had had experience at another store during the previous summer. Anyway, this guy there who had been there since morning on this particular shift (much the same had happened last Tuesday as well) - was doing barely anything in our department. I was taking out cart fulls of items each time to put on the floor, while he puts out one item at a time - barely making a difference.
The thing is that he has been in the union longer than me - thereby having seniority. Now that's not really the issue although he made me angry for doing almost no work - which made me miss a break and work a straight 7 hours before having a 15 minute breather (I know it's an easy job but it's an annoyance)... well he came up to me with this to-do list. It was stuff I already do everytime I close, and that is quite routine.
But he asks me to sign it... just a simple to-do list - he asks for my signature and says that he will photocopy it as well. I said, "Is this required by the union or are you just making me sign something for your sake?"
He suddenly got all anxious and angry, saying that he will call in union reps to lecture me etc. (me thinking that he is over exaggerating the whole circumstance) Eventually he went to a manager who just said - he's just asking for your understanding to sign the note. I just signed it to shut him up really.
I couldn't really find any information on this - but is there anything that actually binds me to sign such a stupid thing? I mean within the union?
It's really not a big deal, but I am pretty sure there is nothing that binds me to sign just a to-do list that a senior employee made. Would be at least good to know if someone could help? I'd like to throw this douche a quick one two. :p


Peanut Butter Bandit: Dale's Master Plan/Funny sketch, Watch pls!

I had posted part 1 of this video a little while back in my blog, and now have finished part 2 of the 3 part series. The 3rd part will come very shortly and will be shorter than these, but in the meantime I hope that the users of Giantbomb can enjoy what I have done so far! 
Before I had used some external lecture mic, regrettably having overidden audio for the final product - and this time just using the camcorder's (Hitachi BD7HA) built in mic to find much better results!
Please leave some feedback on youtube and on here - I'd really appreciate it and any subscriptions I can get! I will be making more sketches that vary in genre and nature, and hope that at least a few can enjoy them during the summer. What can hurt from subscribing anyway? I will learn as I go and try to put out some high quality material (with low budget) that should satisfy some sarcastic humourist's (is that a word? Probably not but it sounds like it could be) out there. 
Thanks - I will post part 2 here first and part 1 just below it... try and watch in 720p if you can! 
EDIT: Part 3 is done now, what does everyone think of the series as a whole and which is your favourite? Leave a comment!



Peanut Butter Bandit and the Ave Maria (Hitman)

Jeez, I really haven't been posting on here very often... you can read this or just skip to the video. Just please leave some feedback on the video!
Well recently I just completed my first year at the University of Western Ontario in MTP (Media Theory and Production) which seemed pretty basic for first year and never really involved any hands-on-work. Instead it was meshed into a similar course, MIT (Media, Information, Technology), which involved talking about media and technology within society and how it effects us. It was interesting enough and I luckily scored those 80's, but I guess it just left me craving some of that camera work that originally directed me to go to Western. 
Almost immediately after arriving back home, I hung out with some buddies and explained that I would like to makes some videos but also mentioned that I really didn't feel like having to do each step - so my friend Mike volunteered to write scripts for me. He is going into Brock for Drama which involves scriptwriting, so for both of us - this is good to put on our resumes. His sense of humour is rather strange, but amusing. 
Anyway, so here it is - Peanut Butter Bandit. We have only made the introduction here. Let me explain that I filmed and edited this with only my own knowledge, and not from first year (it was too general and never covered it). I used Sony Vegas Pro 9.0d to edit this, and filmed with a Hitachi-BD7HA.  Watch this in 720p if you can! I apologize for the overridden mic at a few scenes, but I still have not purchased any sort of boom mic and was using a lower quality one.  
Remember to leave a comment on youtube and rate! Thanks and also give some feedback here! Part 2 will be coming down the road.


PC Version Not Sold in Canada?

I was looking to buy Left 4 Dead, and maybe I made the mistake not to buy it before Christmas - but this game is not in stock anywhere in Canada. Not in stock on, bestbuy, or futureshop - in store or online. It's January 13th and it's been out of stock since shortly before Christmas. I have looked at store stock on futureshop across Canada, and no stores have the game. There are plenty of the 360 version, but none of the PC version - doesn't even list it anymore. Anyone know whats going on with this?


Just a friendly 'ol bike ride!

When most people think of a bike ride, they think of biking along the road with the sun in their face. Perhaps even biking along a beach looking at all the pretty girls. Sure I do both, but today I wanted to go on a new trail I discovered along one of the main roads. I've gone trailing before, many times, through mud and whatever the trail could throw at me. But I guess after all the recent storms and such, the trails have changed somewhat.

The Beginning

I went into the Provincial York Forest which isn't very used, thinking it would be easy trails as I started out. And it was! The dirt was smooth and only a few rocks and roots were on the trail which I easily rode over. Then the mosquitoes came. Swarming over me like Jack Thompson on video games. I had about 10 on my arm, and quickly slapped them off. I put on a long shirt I had in my bag, and continued. I sit here typing with several mosquito bites on the back of my neck, which are really bothering me...

But then the trail got harder and harder and harder. Instead of any more typing, lets just illustrate it....

Now I just sit here playing Uncharted Drakes Fortune, enjoying being in the jungle without getting myself dirty :P

My foot in mud! Yay!
Trees downed because of storms
Big trees down because of storms.
Very thick trails
Yup, I rode through it.

Obstacles on the trails... I had to get off my bike many times

Not too hard...
This wasn't the end of the trail, but it was the end for me. The water made me wish I had a boat rather than a bike...



It depends when they put the trophy system into place. If they put it up NOW, then I will. But once Fallout 3 comes out along with all those other good games - then no.


Yep, I'm here.

Hello. This is LtColJaxson (Not my real name, that would just be weird), and I came from the Gamespot Forums.

I usually never write blogs, and most of the time spent doing so is looking at the flashing cursor - trying to write something interesting. So I guess here goes: Blog Post #1 on Giant Bomb.


My dog got in the way of my screen while typing. Got two dogs, this is one. This is unrelated to what I was going to talk about.

*If you don't want a rant about something not to do with gaming, skip this paragraph.* So I went to the movie theaters. I am not blogging about the movie itself, but rather what I saw before it. There were three commercials in a row before the movie. They were various american brands, but what annoyed me is how they use smooth talking british people to sell their products. And what's worse - I didn't learn anything about the product from the commericial.The voice is as smooth as a leaf on a pond, but I really did not care about what I was seeing. I'd rather just see some stupid North American blabbering about this product than this typical british voice. Sell your damn product and get on with it - you don't need me to like some british voice for me to buy your product. If it is good, then I buy - if it is el cheapo chinese junk, then sell it to Al's Bargain Shop and let them deal with it. I have bought too many of these stupid products that fall apart after a year, because of these misleading commercials that make everything look so easy.

I already talked about fanboys in the Gamespot blog, but what is up with them? It seems like so many people, when they don't have the money to afford all systems, they immediatly turn to fanboys. Whatever happened to the days where Nintendo and all the other 8bit type of consoles were out, and gamers liked everything. You'd go to the store, a new game would be on the shelf just about every 2 weeks. They produced the games so fast, and you'd only find about 1 good game every year, but gaming back then felt so much more satisfying and fun than now. Sure, all the games now have amazing graphics and gameplay - but they have never felt the same to me as when I had first picked up a Genesis, Super Nintendo, then an N64/PS1 for the 3d days. Sure the graphics of games are improving, but it just doesn't seem like as much as a leap as I hoped - such as 2d to 3d. I dunno what I expected, but just more. I pay so much for the system, to see games get delayed and delayed.
Killzone 2 is a prime example. I thought I would be playing that amoung other games at PS3's launch! Here we are, more than a year later and I still haven't (most have not) even touched a demo! Back to fanboys. I love all the anticipated games coming out for the PS3 as well as the 360. I just get angry when I am a primary gamer on the PS3. Then I see all these threads, oh Playstation 3 is garbage, oh Playstation 3 has no game, oh Playstation 3 is too expensive. Honestly, who cares what the price is. It is pretty reasonable now. The games are plentiful from launch. It is a great system and I can say the same about the 360. What happened to the days where games were just meant to be fun. The arcade days are dead. Fanboys ruin gaming. Console gaming should be more about community and fun rather than trying to always beat the competition.

I liked some of the news at E3, but was angry at what happened afterwards. Thread after thread - Who won E3?????? Since when was E3 really a competition. I know it is meant to show off who really has the goods, but I just wanted to see the games period. Competition helps us get better games, I understand (Nintendo has always led us to believe the gameboy was so powerful and the best, but then the PSP came out and I was stunned).

Anyways, this blog is probably filled with boring parts and run on sentences - so I should stop now. If you are still awake by the end, thanks for taking it all in. Now here is some food for thought...

I will leave you off with a picture of my Fender Telecaster. I remember seeing Hazelnutman's Yamaha guitar - so here is mine.
Telecaster with 30 and 2 watt amp.

Even if you found this rant boring, at least you saw my nice guitar and various other pictures. I am gonna get a crybaby wah pedal soon as well - then I will be jammin like Hendrix and smooth like Marley (I'm not black though lol. Those guys were awesome).

Again, thanks for takin it all in. Keep on keepin on.