Posted by LtColJaxson

It's like a giant bomb in my pants!

Posted by hazelnutman

If this site became a human girl, I'd ask her out.

Posted by FrozenVX

Yeah it's a good site, but there are many problems that still need to be resolved, such as the whole people with lots of points can change your entire page that you made.

Posted by LtColJaxson

Frozen, mod tools are being worked out so we can 'rollback' things. So if your article was unfairly taken over by the troll under the bridge, we can rollback to what you wrote.

Posted by MB

Is that a Giant Bomb in your pants or...oh, nevermind.

Posted by Player1

If the luchadeer was still living, I would consider dating it. 

Posted by thelastguy

I love the site so far

Posted by McQuinn

Wait what? You crapped your pants?

Posted by LtColJaxson

No... no... not that kind of bomb but... :P