Superday! (Insert some sort of epic superhero music here)

Hello there, fellow Giantbombers!
I return with a similar blog post to one I have made before - because I am in a similar predicament. I made a new comedy sketch for youtube - a rather random bout that details the life of two boys who gain useless superpowers. Anyway, I would like for people to get some laughs out of this if they are into it and help me out by providing views and any comments that they feel necessary. 
I'm just doing this for fun really on a budget of $0, but I am a Media Theory and Production (MTP/MIT) student at Western U...

Tell me what you guys think! Thanks so much for watching! I appreciate any comments you guys can give...
If you liked this at all and haven't already - make sure to check out my previous series called Peanut Butter Bandit.