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Yeah I'd just recommend the H60 water-cooler for 70 bucks. It's not much more expensive than most fans, and you'll get much better temperatures on your CPU.

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Your GPU can handle high temperatures and it's even okay if it goes into the 60-70 degree range. I use RealTemp to monitor my CPU temperature, and Asus GPU tweak to monitor my GPU (came with a driver) so can't comment on other GPU monitoring programs.

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If you don't want to go through the hassle of rebuilding your PC in another case I'd advise getting a water cooler. They can be had for about what you'd be paying for a new case anyway. My only other concern is your GPU temps. If your GPU is running hot to then I would go ahead and get a new case.

Ah, I didn't think his case supported water cooling. Looking at it again, I see that it does. He could use the Corsair Hydro H60 to fit in the case. You can install the radiator as an intake or exhaust fan and replace whatever you have currently as a fan. The H60 is only 70 bucks on TigerDirect right now, so this is the best deal and will get better performance compared to cooling fans. And yeah, if the GPU temps are up as well then a new case is needed like I said. However, I understand the intention of these cases are often for LAN setups.

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If you want better cooling inside of your case, you might want to consider upgrading that case. The micro-ATX case you have looks like it doesn't have much airflow, and the small size probably builds up a lot of heat between your GPU and CPU on games. Computers that are built to fit inside these cases are not generally meant for gaming.

You could put in a new CPU fan and this will help a bit, but your best bet would be to upgrade your case to something that promotes more airflow and to reconsider using a contained water-cooler like the Corsair H100i (water cooling isn't supported in your current case). The thing about the H100i is that it is a contained water-cooler that sets up similarly to a CPU cooling fan - you don't need to deal with the liquids at all and at no point do you need to setup water blocks etc...

With the H100i your CPU will run a few degrees above room temperature on idle, and then add another 15 degrees or so when playing a game. At this point, you should be very careful getting your CPU up to 95 degrees. This is the DANGER ZONE! Your CPU might attempt to throttle itself so that it does not burn out, or it might even auto-shutoff at a certain point.

This is my setup with the H100i installed. You just screw it in and latch it on like a traditional CPU cooler and then screw in a radiator and fans to the top of the case. It has some unsightly fan cables that can't be managed, but it works very well. I am using the Corsair Obsidian 500r case here which is pretty affordable and has lots of airflow. It also has lots of areas to add more fans.

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While watching a video on the site in windowed mode or fullscreen mode, and I use the volume control on either my keyboard (Logitech G110) or the volume control on my headset (Plantronics 780) it shrinks the video down to the standard video size embedded on the site. They are both USB devices, and control the Windows 7 volume. I'm using the latest version of Google Chrome. Let me know if you need any further clarification.

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Yeah I was just buying it to add to my Steam library, but it also came with the DLC packs so 5 bucks is worth rebuying the whole game. Thanks Thunder, that means the gamesave will work - I think it saves into the same folder I already had too.

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I was wondering if anyone knows if my GFWL gamesave of Fallout 3 can be transferred to the Steam version of Fallout 3 if I buy it? I've tried adding my disc version of the game to my computer, but it doesn't accept the code on Steam - I'm moving away from using discs for my games library so Steam is preferable.

If someone at least knows what the gamesave would be called for Fallout 3 in the programs folder?

*Edit: Or does the Steam version connect through GFWL?

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Lu must be reading some Paul Virilio...

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So just pulling statistics out of nowhere without sourcing how you got them... nice Ubisoft

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The beta isn't in the Steam store. When you pre-order CS:GO, the beta and the game should show up like this: