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Hey, if you haven't found it already - it's actually listed as a seperate game. I have both Counter Strike: Global Offensive, as well as Counter Strike: Global Offensive Beta listed on my Steam library. Only the beta you can download, while the full game is still inaccessible.

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In about 2 and a half hours from now... I assume there will be a download option available on Steam.

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So I bought CS:GO, noticing that on the store page it says I'd get access to the beta starting today... do I have to wait until they e-mail a key to enter it? I don't see any options on steam to download it.

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I just bought this today for 10% off. It's not much a discount, but I am pretty excited to play this game. I have been playing Combat Arms recently and am reminded of CS: Source constantly - so I was surprised to see CS: GO releasing soon. Add me on Steam if any of you would like to play upon release: Jaxson06.

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I just saw this recently. I suppose this technology relies on how well it is integrated with the PC interface... as in - does this directly substitute a mouse/keyboard? I somehow think this tech-demo is a bit too optimistic towards the 3d space elements, as it will always be awkward to 'write' on literally nothing. It will be interesting to see the developments though, and whether this rivals kinect/move technologies.

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That sucks, I only had the yellow light issue with my original 60GB launch system and then decided to buy the slim rather than paying for a fix (I had fixed the beast myself but it only lasted for a few weeks). I mostly just use it as a blu-ray device now, with the exception of buying some exclusives... my gaming has switched to PC and taking advantage of awesome Steam sales. It's become cheaper to play on PC now, especially when most of the games I buy are discounted at 75%.

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If you're playing on PC there is the Steam workshop which has mods such as making the day/night cycle in real time. I've put 152 hours into Skyrim, and with some basic mods (realistic lighting, high-res texture pack etc) the game is great. I didn't see many glitches during the playtime that influenced the gameplay too much - just some hilarious minor bugs that are understandable considering the scope of the game.

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This situation reminds me of Stephen King's, 'Misery.'

Really? Why? Misery seemed pretty open and shut to me. Didn't leave me wanting more...

She demands he change the end of his story or else he'll die. I didn't mean to change the ending of Misery.

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This situation reminds me of Stephen King's, 'Misery.'