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You realize you can delete the game data and not the game saves right?
I usually get rid of the data files since there is no point in storing them. Once I want to play it again, I can just reinstall. I always keep my game saves, since these are small files usually close to a megabyte.

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The difference between those resolutions is very minimal. 1360x728 is not a standard resolution, and won't be supported by most things other than PC's. Imagine if there were many different resolutions being used across the industry? Having to ensure when you buy a TV that you have each of these, because if you didn't - then some movies would not be able to fit properly on your TV (without needing to be scaled). There is a need for standard resolutions which is why there is 720 and 1080.

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I have had this same logitech headset for probably the past 5 years, it still has great quality through the microphone and great quality sound. It obviously won't compare to most studio quality headphones, but it's great for gaming and listening to compressed mic audio via the internet.
I highly recommend it. Logitech seems to make some quality products that last, so if you can find that - I suggest you pick it up! Here it is. It has some great range on the headset actually, 20-20,000Hz which is all you need for this type.

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@Burzmali said:
" @LtColJaxson: I agree with everything you said except for the cost part. This isn't true for everything (like big macs), but there is some fast food that you couldn't have any hope of recreating for less than you can buy it from the restaurant. The $1 double-cheeseburger is a prime example. Two hamburger patties, a bun, two slices of cheese, onions, ketchup, mustard, and pickle slices. The pickles, ketchup, and mustard are negligible since odds are you have those anyway and the serving cost comes out to a few pennies (if that). However, american cheese is at least $1 for 8 slices (and that's if you buy generic brand). Ground beef is at least $2.50 per pound. Buns are, at minimum, $1 for 4. Finally, assuming you get a small onion, that will cost you at least $0.50.   The patties that McDonald's uses for their double-cheeseburgers are 1.6 oz (1/10th pound). So that's $0.50 for the meat, $0.25 for the cheese, and $0.25 for the bun. You're already at $1 without the onion. Since an onion doesn't last long after you cut it up, I'm considering that another $0.50 cost for the burger (obviously cut that down for multiple burgers). So you're already out $1.50 before you add in ketchup, mustard, and pickles, plus the energy and equipment costs to make it. And, you better use the rest of the meat in the next 3 days or you're out the rest of the $2.50. You've got another week or so to use the buns, and 14 days left on the cheese if it isn't individually wrapped. No doubt the homemade burger tastes 100x better, but it definitely isn't cheaper.  It's a sad reality that food that shortens your life costs more than healthy stuff. "
I wasn't really suggesting a homemade burger as a healthy alternative, it's certainly healthier than McDonalds though. But there is plenty of other healthy dishes you can prepare for a relatively low cost - buying a turkey breast for a bit over a dollar, pepper, onion, mushrooms, spices, sauce - can come out quite cheap especially if you buy packs. You are right though, McDonalds still comes out a bit cheaper - but healthy options are really not that much more.
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I obviously don't know the reason why your mom is sick (and hopefully she gets better), but if it's anything to do with diet - McDonalds is a prime reason for getting sick. The amount of sodium and fat in one burger in most cases is enough for the whole day, excluding the fries and drink - so eating multiple burgers is terrible for you.  Most people don't recognize the health risk, as they just eat food to be full. Generally, I just run on the fact that unless a meal is nutritious then there is literally no point in consuming it (occasionally can eat some junk, not often). 
Look up some easy recipes online, things like French Toast (not healthy but not that bad either!) or making omelets - cooking with eggs is simple and you can add so many vegetables and herbs in there to make them great. Usually, it creates minimal dishes as well (as a student at Uni, minimal dishes and healthy eating is the primary concern!). It's not hard to cook, and once you get it down - you'll never even want to touch or eat McDonalds again. You will even gain the mindset where you think, "I don't even understand how people eat that shit, when I can make the same burger at home that tastes way the fuck better and isn't close to as bad!" There is never an excuse not to cook your own food at home, as in most cases it will come out cheaper than McDonalds and be healthy.

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Can't really name any one favourite band, but I'll just put two in here: Frank Zappa, and Clutchy Hopkins. There is so much else I listen to though, I could never narrow it down to just that. 

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I bet that they made it able to support 1080p for those with TV's that do not have 720p (since the PS3 does not seem to upscale otherwise). So it is more than likely natively 720p, which is why it goes to that when you boot up the game. Hope this helps!

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I found if you don't scratch it, then any itch just goes away. Never comes back either. After that, you'll enjoy grabbing at it in intense intellectual debates where the man with the biggest beard wins :)

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Well since you already used those methods AND repaired it for yourself, and I don't really see who would want to buy that. Also, the value would be a lot less because of those reasons. Almost no point in selling it, I'd just wait it out until it breaks and then buy a new one.

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@CL60 said:
" @bhhawks78 said:
" Maybe it's a sign not to play a D- level movie with crashes and bad sixaxis/move controls? "
I thought the story was great, and I had no problems with the controls, nor crashes. "
The difference between you and him is that one of you played it and one did not. The only opinion that matters here is the one with backing.