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@kingofpeanuts said:
" @Enigma777: No you can copy any thing onto your computer or onto another hard drive. I have done it multiple times for multiple friends and myself. The PS3 is very open "
No you haven't. Stop lying.
It is certainly encrypted, and you cannot copy information directly onto a PC from PS3 via a HDD enclosure. When this YLOD problem occurred to me, I went researching the same option to no avail. When speaking to a Sony person over the phone, he also said there was no way of retrieving the data unless the PS3 began to work again. I even asked if they could somehow transfer the files over, but no they cannot. 

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@AlexW00d said:
" @LtColJaxson: You mean 3 years after 7? Like the three years 7 was after Vista, and the three Vista was after XP? It makes sense dude. "
I suppose it does make sense. Regardless, Windows 7 has served fine as a gaming platform. There was nothing inherently wrong with games running on it, and it was a big improvement over Vista.
They will never be able to bring PC gaming to what it was just because of the cost involved and technical knowledge in upgrading computers. MAC's will actually help encourage some computer game growth as it's another OS to work on, but it will never be what it once was. There are now too many media out there that can support gaming to expect a majority to go spend extensive amounts on getting game to run properly. @somejerk said:
" Windows 8's "It's not a bug, it's a feature" = "Unable to launch Steam.exe" "
I haven't had issues such as this on Windows 7 as of yet. Usually such issues arise from user ignorance rather than problems with the OS. Apple's clever marketing only highlighted some of the issues of Windows, while ignoring their own issues which are just as substantial. Of course they'd ignore their own since it's their advertising, but it's also caused a lot of the masses to think Windows is flawed while the MAC OS is without bugs (I work on a new iMac using FCP for video, and man - there are bugs).
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@extremeradical said:
" @mracoon said:
" I've been using Windows 7 for several months now and I haven't had any game related issues. "
I agree. No problems here either. As far as I'm concerned, Win7 WAS launched with gaming as it's main focus, seeing as though it's the one thing it does infinitely better than Mac or Linux. "

I don't even want to hear about another Windows OS. They only just released Windows 7 the end of last year, you have to be kidding when they want to be launching Windows 8 so soon. 
Windows 7 is great for gaming, and I haven't had any issues with it. That's what updates are for, no need for an entire new OS. This would just be ridiculous and a very bad corporate decision.
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@pretender15 said:
" @beej said:
" Speaking realistically COULD the United States have been able to invade the soviet union? Probably not successfully at the very least. I also doubt the political will would exist to invade britain, also I dislike the notion of a united states run world, so no, this isn't how WW2 should have been.  "
The Soviet had sent almost all of their troops in to the west in order to push back the Germans, but they were failing. So when I attacked them from Afghanistan and Northern Persia, they didn't have enough forces in the middle or eastern half of their country. Since they were fighting a two front war, and I literally invaded them right in the middle of their country. "
You seem to underestimate the importance of the Soviet Union in destroying Hitler's regime, and overestimate the importance of the United States in the war.
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I posted this over at Comic Vine to get no response, there seems to be a lack of community over there!
For a class (MTP student at Western U/Fanshawe, joint degree/diploma) I had to create a sketch that was based off a comic strip. I found a well known Calvin and Hobbes strip called the Duplicator. Before I go on, I'll just post it here.

Now the video requirements were for me to make a video between 2-3 minutes. They say the industry standard is Final Cut Pro, but it renders rather slowly at the school so I didn't get the effect I wanted. Instead for this YouTube edit I made it in Sony Vegas Pro 9 - a superior program in my opinion.  I just used a couple of friends to act in this, while I set up the camera and lights. The lights we had trouble with as I did not have an extension cord at the time, nor a lighting stand so a bit of shadow appears. Not really terrible enough to degrade the quality of content though - I hope some of you can enjoy it!
I'd really appreciate some objective feedback if someone is able to! Just leave a comment if you like it, any views I can get are supportive and a subscription on my channel would be great. Thanks so much users of GiantBomb, I hope you are a bit more welcoming of it than those at ComicVine.
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There actually is an issue with this type of journalism. Yellow journalism is a type of sensationalized media, much of the time based on speculation only to attract an audience. We aren't paying anything here, but it'd be nice for a bit more research into articles. Otherwise the credibility of content becomes hard to distinguish.
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It's really weird their camera is such that when changing focusing settings, you can hear a click on the mic.

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@mau64 said:
" Well, I would but I have it on steam and xbox. Sorry dude, I really want to play on PC though with people. Add me mau64 if you want to play anything else. "
Add me on Steam if you would like to go through Borderlands again or another game... Jaxson06 : Steam ID
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Well written... I agree with this.
It seems like a mascot for systems is less important than it used to be in the past - especially reflecting on Mario as your brought up, Crash Bandicoot, Kratos....
I felt as the PS2 went to Kratos - from then on it just wasn't really the same. It kinda died out with Crash on PS2... and from there I didn't really feel the PS3 had much of a mascot - a few they try to promote to different audiences but definitely less of an emphasis in promoting these characters.

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I don't enjoy so much speculation in some of these articles.