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@nushi said:
" @sodiumCyclops: No business will function without a market, if they don't listen to the community, whom they rely on for  their advertising and revenue, they'll sink. What we want is extremely important. "
This is true, and  companies do put plenty of money into consumer research - however this usually means that a company will know what the consumer wants... and instead of giving them all they want... they just give the bare minimum so the consumer will still pay. Later on, they release a minor upgrade of some sort to encourage more sales and seem like they are still working on the side of the people who are paying. 
It seems like this is the case here - as there isn't really any substantial benefit to subscribing... but perhaps that may come later. I had mentioned in other posts that for a site like this - they must strike a careful balance between the content they release for free users vs. subscribers to maintain the current user count they have on the site. 
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It's great have this subscription service - but they have to keep in mind that a majority of their site will not pay. So this will be interesting how they will be able to keep a careful balance that keeps both groups satisfied... I don't really mind not getting HD videos as long as I can still see most of the videos they post. Right when they start limiting content for free users (as in things like Quicklooks, and mailbags), then I'll probably have to depart with the site.

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No, there is only one license key for one computer. You can use either of those discs on whatever computer you licensed them too. It has been like this for every version of Windows.

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Behind the veil of ignorance, it would be more than likely that guns would never be considered a right to have - as this benefits only the self and not the majority of the population (this is not utilitarianism either).  I believe it would be much more safe if guns were not a right - although this would only accelerate certain types of organized crime who would profit. 
There are so many idiotic gun crimes and accidents caused by guns that could be avoided if less people had them. The argument that, "I have the right to defend my house and family", is rather old one that most families will never have to go through. Basically just an excuse to have a gun when there are also other methods of protecting your family that work in a much better and safer way.
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I think people will get a kick out of this if they try watching it. It's pretty random and quite funny - any feedback would be great too!

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John Lennon

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Pencil's are graphite. 
That's good though that you were able to erase it. I haven't tried stuff on dry wall... only on canvas which does not allow pencil to erase well.  Here are a few I did for myself a few years ago...
It is the Beatles one that got some permanent pencil grid lines which I am disappointed about - however they are hard to see unless you go up close. I thought you might be interested a bit anyway!

Painting is done, George Harrison. Art CPT... Comment on the Wall if you Like it, or send message.

Art Picture, Pink Floyd The Wall. Charcoal. German Expressionism. Write a comment on my Profile or Wall if you like it. Thanks for looking.

The Doors, Jim Morrison Painting

Half way done the painting
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It's rather fortunate you did not draw grids.
As an artist myself I realize that it is an easy technique to keep things in proportion... however on several occasions when going to erase the faint grid - it has left graphite stains that are still visible on the final. Doesn't always happen, but can happen in spots which are rather noticeable at least to the artist.  But usually this just happens with paintings, where the paint has to go overtop of the grid... shouldn't really be the case here if the whole thing was only drawn. 
Looking good though!

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Hello there, fellow Giantbombers!
I return with a similar blog post to one I have made before - because I am in a similar predicament. I made a new comedy sketch for youtube - a rather random bout that details the life of two boys who gain useless superpowers. Anyway, I would like for people to get some laughs out of this if they are into it and help me out by providing views and any comments that they feel necessary. 
I'm just doing this for fun really on a budget of $0, but I am a Media Theory and Production (MTP/MIT) student at Western U...

Tell me what you guys think! Thanks so much for watching! I appreciate any comments you guys can give...
If you liked this at all and haven't already - make sure to check out my previous series called Peanut Butter Bandit.