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So far Portal 1 has been delivered... What's going on guise ^__^;;

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Winners are :

Strangone : -25% Bethesda. (Since he first post) q:-D

PerfectRad : -50% Monday Night Combat

amir90 : Free Portal 1 Game


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Hey guys, since you folks are my fav community & website. I decided to giveaway some stuff.

Now onto business. I have :

- 1 Free Portal 1 Game

-50% Monday Night Combat

-25% Bethesda

-50% Flight Control HD code

Tommorow at 7 EST I will pick the winners randomly & pm them (I'll also announce it...). You may only pick one item out of the loot. First reply of this topic will auto win his pick.

Goodluck & Cheers.

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grats, pmd u code


**edit, lemme know if you received it  and all is ok

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  Thanks for participating in the Gears of War 3 beta. To say thanks, here's one extra code to share with a friend, so he or she can join in for the final week.*



I will give to whoever can answer this question first:


What was the name of the officer who led  the mission to rescue Marcus Fenix from Jacinto Maximum Security Prison?

Hint* He was killed by General RAAM.




Goodluck! :D

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Well done Jeff!

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Better missions & balancing and sign me up.