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I alternate between blubbering laughter and shuddering tears. I almost met Ryan at PAX Prime a few years back. He seemed busy and I was a little star struck, so I decided to not intrude. I have spent hundreds of hours listening to, reading and enjoying the man Ryan was. Many others have said it better than I can, but somehow, despite it being one-sided, I feel I have lost a friend. It is hard to understand, much less explain, but the loss is real. Thank you Ryan for sharing yourself, your love for life and all the Dumb. My thoughts are with his family and friends, my deepest condolences to you. Thanks Ryan.

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I think the legal action against Sony after the security breach was mostly a cash grab and a waste of legal resources. (Admittedly an uneducated, non-legally informed opinion). Now if the leak had been as serious as first thought, meaning large numbers of active credit card accounts were compromised, then legal action would be justified. If I understand this change to terms the terms of service, Sony is asking you to give up your ability to bring class action cases against them regardless of the legitimacy of the case.

My first thought was that this would not stand up, again, I am not a lawyer, but asking people to give up their legal rights with waivers etc doesn't usually hold up. That said this may, as Patrick mentioned, lead to people not even trying as they think they have given up their ability to do so. I think this is a poor decision by Sony and I for one will be sending them a letter, on principle alone.

Thanks for the continued coverage Patrick.

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Yes, teams sports can be a little akward.

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Wait for a price drop, I will.  Forget $69.99, heck I never even pay $59.99. Tired of this crappy border tax when our dollar is at least par.

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The only games I buy pre-owned, are games I can't find new anymore. The $5 EB discount on used is a joke, I want to support what I enjoy. That being said I recognize that I have more disposable income than some people, and to each their own. Also I watch for sales and rarely pay full retail, with all the deals on new games there really is no reason to pay $60.00 for most games.
$40 is the new $60.

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360 because I have several friends who want to play it who don't have PS3's. The addition of Extraction was almost enough to get me to go PS3. Portal on the other hand will most likely be a PS3 purchase, steam integration, PC copy, etc seals the deal. Plus my 360 owning friends aren't into Portal.

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Let me know when this becomes available north of the 49th.

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Instant buy for me.

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So it appears Jeff is human, good for him.

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Nope, I still enjoy the IGN podcast's. Some are better than others and none are as enjoyable as Bombcast, but I still enjoy them.