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I may have been excited about this a few years ago, but there are other people doing this kind of thing better on YouTube:

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Cool, but stay safe around there. You don't want to get shopping-bagged.

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Darwyn Cooke's Parker novel adaptations

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@cornbredx said:

I've never found a Movie/TV site that I particularly like. I might have to start one, but that feels like a dead in the water idea what with how many sites already exist. I don't know that enough people actually want one. Look at how fast screened died.

I've been on the look out for a "Giant Bomb for movies" for years. The closest I've come is a few bad movie podcasts (i.e. podcasts about bad movies not low quality podcasts) and Redlettermedia.

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A Terminator movie where Kyle Reese is a huge muscle man and the Terminator is feeble kind of feels like somebody missed the point.

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I really missed Ryan during that last e3 live show segment.

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His score for Wrath of Khan is one of my all time favorites. RIP

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If you don't have easy access to a comic shop, DCBS and InStockTrades are excellent resources:

Discount Comic Book Service

In Stock Trades

For more in depth recommendations check out The Comic Geek Speak Podcast:

Comic Geek Speak

They have some good character-specific overviews for new readers.

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Batman: The Long Halloween

Wolverine: Weapon X

Spider-Man: Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 1

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@n7: Warzone wasn't a snoozefest. He punched a man's head and it exploded

Punisher War Zone is replete with awesome crazy moments like that. Lots of fun.