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One of the hosts of a podcast I listen to also does ads on a Chicago radio station and it weirds me out every time I hear it.

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I get that it's a satire, but never enjoyed the "movie" part of the movie. Robocop was a satire that was also good film at surface level.

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He needs to reference wrestling more.

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If you really end up enjoying TNG, don't watch any of the movies. The series finale ties things up perfectly.

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I was fucking STOKED when I saw Cosmo in the cage, and once the Collector's house was destroyed and he ran off I kept expecting to hear a Russian accent piped into someone's head, or for everything to freeze when Ronan was beating on Drax. I fully understand that Russian spacedog with telekinesis who leads security in a giant robot head is a little much EVEN in the GotG movie, but Knowhere without Cosmo feels really weird.

I felt the same way, but I guess you have to leave something for the sequel.

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World War Z has a pretty great cast. Not the movie of course. The audiobook.

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Judging by the amount of truck driving that goes on at Giant Bomb, the commercial license may come in handy.


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This goes a ways back, but Mercenaries for PS2 was the most fun I've ever had in an open-world game.

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