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This is super surprising. Based on the hacked information about the way Sony is run, I was expecting them to take a courageous principled stand in the name of free speech.

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Ugh, what's the matter with you? Have some consideration.

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Alex went to bat for the Real Ghostbusters on last week's UPF so he's a prince among men.

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Right now the air force manages US military satellites and stuff like that secret space plane:

So I imagine that will continue.

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@shagge said:

@dragon_puncher said:

This is an awesome idea, but I imagine the copy rights you be terrible to deal with in a lot of cases.

All they would have to do is what Rifftrax and the like do: Sell the commentary as an audio file to be synced with the movie by the user. No copyrights to worry about.

Or they could only do commentaries for movies in the public domain. Who wouldn't want to hear Patrick do Night of the Living Dead or Dan and Jeff talking over Reefer Madness.

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A commentary of Ghostbusters by Vinny and Alex is a no-brainer.

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John Boyega out-acted the entire prequel trilogy cast without saying a word.

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I dunno, Chris Pratt played serious pretty well in Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty, though he was a supporting character in those.

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I want Dan and Vinny to do a crossover GBEast-West Play Date of GTA V on PS4.

I want CHAOS.

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I use the MGS codec sound for my ringtone. Now every time the codec rings in an episode of Metal Gear Scanlon I get nervous.