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What Nethack? Who summoned me.

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@benlaserlove: webm has compatibility issues (for example I believe it is not viewable on ios without the use of extension). pretty much everything supports animated gif.

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Modders dont have to care about compatibility/design/support/etc. They don't have to worry about the trade-offs when it comes to this stuff.

For example the local co-op thing in RE, theres a good chance that was removed not because they couldn't implement it, but just because the trade off wasn't worth it. There is *always* a trade off. The trade off here is giving access to local co-op vs having to support local co-op. It may not seem like much, but im sure enabling local co-op opens up a huge can of worms. You'd have to do more testing, youd have to do more work to make sure that it works on every machine that the game supports, and im sure there are edge cases youd run into. You also are adding just another area where bugs or other things can manifest and break the game. Basically your multiplying your work here and at the end of the day you have to weigh that against how many people want to play local co-op on PC (which isnt very many). They obviously decided it wasn't worth the upkeep on PC (which is a much more fragmented platform than say a console, so would require more work to make sure this works across many different devices), and ripped it out.

In the Skyrim place thats mostly a case of Design. The original Skyrim interface had to be designed not just for hardcore players, but for anyone who is going to play that game ever. That runs the gambit from people who are just renting a game from GameFly, to your players who have never played an RPG before, to your hardcore people who have played every thing in the series. For that kind of problem you need a design on your UI that is both functional and accessible. Once again its a trade off. They struck for a balance that maybe isnt as efficient or as detailed on the functional side in order to create a UI that was more discoverable and accessible for new players. (With the knowledge that the more advanced players would just mod it).

In both these cases the mods are "easy" because the people making the mods dont need to worry about a larger audience. They tend to develop for a much smaller audience (the # of people who install mods is very low) and also dont need to care about supporting their mods and making sure they run on a wide range of devices. Nobody gets particularly angry when a mod doesn't work.

The reality is the programming part of making anything is actually the easiest part. The hard part is designing it at a higher level and making these calls on what your willing to trade off in terms of functionality/design/support/bugs.

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How do I get in on this? Some sort of skype group?

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The best advice I ever got on logos is to imagine what it looks like in black and white. If it doesnt work in black and white then its probably not a great logo.

Logo's are tough though, because they have to exist in so many different areas (uniforms, sides of trucks, tops of stationary) etc. If you want to see someone whos really good at logos do his craft, watch this video

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Hey im going to Pax East! Hope to hang out with people there!

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@chaser324: Oh this is cool, does the IRC connect to twitch chat or its own channel?

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Hey there people! I'm going to be doing my own 24 hour stream this year too! (And hopefully will be around to help GB with theirs!).

Going to be doing it either the weekend before whenever I can justify not working on Webhook :)

Twitch Stream

Extra Life Page

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@mattyftm: Ok I guess I should put a disclaimer on that "Not Zombiepie"

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@xite: I'm pretty sure the google/twitter/facebook sign up services have captcha systems, so this isn't really 'easier'.

@nightriff@mattyftm: The signup captcha actually is already really hard. They use a service called "Are you Human" which actually requires you to play a little mini flash game in order to prove your human. Much harder to cheat than those images with text on them.

The problem is, at least this was the problem when I left (could have changed since then, disclaimer), a lot of the spammers *are* humans. They are people who are payed to spam on forums, not robots. So Captcha's don't really work that well on those types of spammers.

The funny part is, they don't get anything from spamming on these forums. GB (and GS/CV/OG) all make it so any new posts by new accounts automatically get a bunch of anti-SEO stuff on their posts (thats the main goal of these spam bots, not to get you guys to click on them, to spread links around the web to increase a websites page ranks). So they do all this work and get basically nothing out of it.

Trying to stop spammers will always be a push and pull, but at a certain point if your making these barriers at the cost of legitimate users ability to participate its a bad deal. Spammers will continue to do whatever they need to do to spam, a captcha on topic creation (or a wait time) will stop a lot of legitimate users.

Nothing is a substitute for a good skilled moderation team (like the great one GB has).