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Ah so close Ricciardo, hopefully next time hell have a good start. Did really well though.

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@alishcra: Box Box means to go into the pit, apparently they used to say pit but box is clearer apparently.

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@machofantastico: I'm sure hes a great driver. I'm just saying, as someone new to it, it's kind of boring when someone just has a car waaaay above everyone else. Like the same reason the Yankees are boring right?

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@machofantastico: Oh ok, just hard to get excited when all the commentators just seem to be saying "Yep they got a good car there"

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Ok so as a new watcher, how often does it happen that theres just one car build that outclasses the others pretty handily? That's the part that makes the mercedes stuff really boring to me, is that everyone seems to attribute it to the cars more than the drivers.

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Has the camera been on Hamilton at all this race? I guess it don't matter, kind of funny though.

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It looked like they put the tires on the wrong side and then had to swap them.

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Yeah thats a bummer for him, that pretty much kills him right?

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Did they say Ricciardo's grid had oil on it or something? Is he cursed?

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Can you link any of that? I had no idea you could get like, on board cameras.