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Weird none of the code around this has changed at all in like 5 months, will look into youtubes end.

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Santa Time

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Square_mini, heres an example:

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@falco_eagle: Were actually using that on the twitch page now, liked it enough and rorie liked it

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I really like the Persona one, will ping rorie about it to see what he thinks about it.

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Im gonna be honest, I dont know what the standard on twitch is for that kind of stuff. But basically It would be nice if we could have some sort of image below the player that links back to GiantBomb.

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Hey gang,

I was taking a look at our twitch page and noticed this:

The tiniest little link

That little link a the bottom seems like it could better, so I thought I would ask the community out there.

Anyone want to make a cool little banner to put on our twitch page? I would really appreciate it.

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Chances are this is replication lag or something that ends up messing up the cache, not sure what we can do other than get beefier servers. Will look into it.

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@sil3n7: Is this still happening for you? Our system seems to think you are at -7 GMT, is this incorrect?