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Chances are this is replication lag or something that ends up messing up the cache, not sure what we can do other than get beefier servers. Will look into it.

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@sil3n7: Is this still happening for you? Our system seems to think you are at -7 GMT, is this incorrect?

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@delt31: Are you in EST? When I put your IP into our system it displays EST time.

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@dhechler: Thats intentional, we don't want people to just be having 3 or 4 posts in a row (or at least try to make it harder to do it)

@mattyftm: God I hope so.

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Looks like there were two boards created for the object, I have fixed the item, and will investigate what caused the problem.

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I can use words, you can't use your email account you need to use your username.

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@digitaldiatribe: Yeah I just bought Downcast and tested it works fine, so it's not the program. Do you log in to the site through Twitter/Facebook? Or do you have a regular account.

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If you use an incognito window, does the authentication work here (should prompt you for login if your incognito):