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@digitaldiatribe: Yeah I just bought Downcast and tested it works fine, so it's not the program. Do you log in to the site through Twitter/Facebook? Or do you have a regular account.

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If you use an incognito window, does the authentication work here (should prompt you for login if your incognito):

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Demon's Souls - Because its the kind of name that first impression wise seems like a mistranslation, or a misunderstanding of English, but makes 100% sense in game.


Dark Souls - Just a cool name, which has meaningful context if you get the secretish ending of the game.

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Testing a post

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Sorry, the pods were removed during testing, but were never added back in. Messing up edits. Will be fixed on our next push.

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Yes please give a link to the list

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@rchen Hey man ignore this post, its a test.

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This Sounds Cool