Stand out Indie Games of 2012

Was thinking about how good a year this was for indie games and decided I wanted to make a list of indie games I think really stood out this year. There are two games missing from this list that I think maybe would be on there if I had played them: Mark of the Ninja and Journey. I have MoTN but I haven't played it yet and I don't have a PS3 so I can't play Journey, but I hear those games are really good.

Anyways, the only order to this list is alphabetical. I have played all of these games and found them generally pretty fun, so I think they are worth checking out.

MID CREATION EDIT: Ok so while making this list I found out one of the games I was gonna put on the list isn't in the GB database. So I'll just link to it here: Phantasmaburbia A generally pretty good kind of turn based style RPG. Maybe not the best thing out there but It's enjoyable. It's clearly got the 'made by one person' vibe to it and it was pretty enjoyable.

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