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Yep, I just put in my code and it worked!

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I've tried typing in the code to unlock Robin that came with my Best Buy purchased game a few times now, one on the 360 and three time on the computer at the website, but it keeps saying that its an invalid code on the xbox and a "glitch" on the website. My Catwoman code worked fine, so I'm wondering if this is just an issue for me or if others are having this issue?

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Burning Crusade is now free with buying WoW right out of the gate. After that, maybe wait and buy the other two expansions, (Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm) as you reach them to make sure you still like the game.

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My  problem is more about making a game about a man who is still recently deceased. More footage if that first one wasn't stomach turning enough... 

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If you haven't seen footage of the game, check it out at  
I mean... WOW! Lets have people dance along with a washed-out looking impersonator of a tragic pop culture figure (and possible child molester) who has been dead for barely a year.  
I feel dirty even looking at it. I understand that people working on the game need a job and have families to feed, but they must have trouble sleeping at night. 
Agree, disagree?

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yep, clearing the cache seemed to work.

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I've tried playing some random set lists in the challenge mode, yet some songs, like AC/DC's The Jack aren't loading and kicking me out of the set in the middle of it. 
I also tried starting The Jack from the quick play menu, and the game shuddered to a crawl before telling me it couldn't load it. 
Any suggestions? 

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In case you didn't hear, Tell Tale is offering a great deal that ends today called the Great Adventure pack where you get The Whispered World, The King's Quest collection,  Jack Keane, the first Penny Arcade game, Puzzle Agent, and perhaps Sam and Max season two if 5,000 purchases are met. When you purchase the $20 pack, a great deal if you ask me, $5 goes to a selection of five charities. Check it out here at
I was disappointed to see early today that not even 2,000 purchases have been made. So I'm asking you to help support this cause, and if I may be so bold, ask that you give you donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 
In February 2009, my 22-year-old girlfriend was diagnosed with APL leukemia, which kept her blood from clotting  cuts or bruises to a very life threatening degree.While she went into remission after a brave struggle in Aug. 2009, this January she had a relapse and was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic for a bone marrow transplant. The clinic is about 50 minutes away from her home and the costs of traveling their could have piled up for me and her family, but the Society helped provided us with gas cards to help ease the burden of those expenses. Her mom was able to come visit her almost every day for the six weeks she was in the hospital because of these cards. 
Also, the Society gave us a few hundred dollars for expenses, which we mostly used on food while at the clinic for us and my girlfriend once she regained her hunger at the cafeteria (the patient food was.... hit or miss at best).  
Now Sweetie has gone into remission again and should be fine. She  is back in college getting her master's degree. Still, I hope you gave a free Jackson to get some great games and can give the $5 to the Society, though any of the other charities are great causes as well. 
Thanks for you time!

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I don't see what all the ballyhoo is about personally. Thats a nice big name sponsor, so lets show the guys our support.

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Gah, I wish this was on the ps3!

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