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Been listening to a lot of Foal's "Holy Fire" lately. It strikes me as the high point of their maturation as artists with "Providence" and "Late Night" as some of the best tracks. Also started listening to Iceage's "Your're Nothing" and it seems good so far.

Can't wait for the new Phoenix album though.

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I believe it was the first Spyro the Dragon game for the PS1. My family was looking at what would become our current house in 2001 and, while we were at the hotel, I got to play the PS1 that was hooked up to the TV.

A year later I got a PS2 with Kingdom Hearts, Jak and Daxter, and the PS1 Spyro Collection as my first real games.

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@tunaburn: I'm only 17 and I haven't suffered from depression, but for the last year I've been helping my friend through a serious case of depression. His whole story sounds much like yours, he has had a normal life but still suffers from crippling anxiety attacks and such.

I guess I would say that my best advice would just be to talk to others about what you're going through. Its a small thing, but, as I've found with my friend, it will really help you get through any tough times. Maybe also try some form of therapy, though you'll need to fine the right kind for you whether thats group talks or individual sessions. Even if you're against it, I would at least talk to someone about medication too, it's done wonders for my friend in helping stop anxiety attacks and other symptoms.

Although it might be a bit hollow coming from someone on the Internet, I do hope you can get through this all and, if you can, try not to beat yourself up about it, depression doesn't make you any lesser of a person or a "pussy." Hope all goes well and stay safe.

EDIT: As others have said, also try exercising as it does help with the symptoms usually.

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@42manZ: When have they done so? I'm honestly just curious, it'd be interesting to see how they lean.

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Alleujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! - Godspeed You! Black Emperor

The 2nd Law - Muse

The Heist - Macklemore

Four - Bloc Party

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@Djnuttty I just lost my shit after reading that, thank you.
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the hummingbirds are an especially nice touch

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1. Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando
2. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Some honorable mentions include Fallout 3, Skyrim, and Kingdom Hearts

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For the love of god please just write like a normal human being. That formating was atrocious. As to your point, I really cant say I've heard this dead air that you speak of. Either they're going off on a random tangent or actually talking about games. I personsally love what the bombcast has turned into, but you are entitled to your own opinion

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My ID is "luchadeer797" and I have Wipeout 2048, Unit 13, and Motorstorm RC for multiplayer.