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My first was Wolfmother w/ The New No. 2 and Heartless Bastards at the House of Blues Boston two and half years ago. Since then I've seen Muse w/ Silversun Pickups, MGMT w/ someone.... (it was a disappointing show), TV On the Radio w/ someone (certainly the most fun concert I've been to), and lastly Explosions in the Sky w/ The Antlers back in October. That last one was just incredible, a moving experience.

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More mellow than the rest of the stuff being posted, but still a great tune. I loved just listening to this while playing Shuan White's Snowboarding.

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sounds awesome, incredibly pumped for this game.


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It has Power. Thats all it needs.

On a more serious note I thought the soundtrack was pretty good. Each station has a few good hits that you can turn into a damn good station with the mix tape.

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For the most part I'm just using a crafted Ebony Bow upgraded to legendary pared with a thousand Dwarven Arrows, I deal around 135 damage per hit with all the buffed equipment I have. Yet when things just get too close, I have legendary Ebony Blade in my right hand and a legendary Ebony Dagger in my left.

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@themangalist they haven't shown any gameplay yet. at least wait until they show that and then come to your opinion otherwise it doesnt seem justified to base the calibur of an entire game of a minute and a half teaser.
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1/5, I just don't like metal, it's not my style.

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the green makes and the choice of font for the 5 make me think of currency and government affairs so im thinking itll take place in a satrical version of dc

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@RockinKemosabe said:

Oh dear Lord, this is fantastic.

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The ending was certainly bad but what made it worse at least for me is the beginning of the level teases something much greater. You see a huge monolithic fortress from the outside and then the landing pad inside as if to show youll spend a while bobbing and weaving throughout the level dealing with all sorts of enemies. Yet all the level amounts to is a step back for id, after a game of relatively large firefighta, it jst condenses to a shitty corridor crawl.
Also, what the hell happened to the whole subplot of getting a means to save the mutants from the base. I felt like they built it up as if you were going to save them all, yet then just dropped. And again, the hell happened to General Cross or whatever his name was? I felt things were going to build up to a grand confrontation with the Authority leader, but nope, no such thing.
If it werent for the shit ending I would have thought the game incredible. Great gunplay, gourgeous graphics, an interesting world, pretty good driving (except for those damn cheap rallys), and a story that at least for me seemed damn good up to that last level. A shame it ended as it did.