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This topic will probably be gone before I even hit "Post Reply". This is the one thing on the internet you are not allowed to talk about. You can talk about Fight Club before you can get away with this.

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Jeff is the funniest person on the site and I love watching videos with him in it, but him, Ryan and Patrick are more likely to trash a game and pick it apart than genuinely have fun with it. It's like a breath of fresh air how much fun the guys seem to be having.

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While I love just about everybody on the Bomb crew, with the more cynical people gone this week the difference in tone and quality has been absolutely astronomical. I almost.....don't want the rest of the crew to come back...

OK, I do. Just give us more time! Please!

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Yes, and loving it more than I ever thought I could love an MMO.

Seems you're looking to much into the email. It's just a cute little message.

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Wow, someone on this site who can talk about the Vita without making it sound like the freaking Ngage 2! Anyway, looks great. Dying or no, handheld gaming will always have a use to me. No matter how many people play them and tell me how great they are, smartphones/tablets are never going to give me the gaming experiences I want.

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Just beat Amnesia yesterday. The only way I could keep myself from quitting out of terror was to play in the daytime and with people around.

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When I played it when it first came out I thought "This feels a lot like this gens Beyond Good and Evil". How right that was. Maybe they'll be teasing us with a sequel in ten years.

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Cool, can't wait.

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I'd certainly never buy something like this but some people really do love their Call of Duty...