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Oh, Patrick, I'm sad... :'(

But I wish you luck in your next step!

I'm from Brazil and I was thinking about going to the USA for the fist time in June/15. Maybe I was going to visit Chicago to say "hi" in person to a Giant Bomb editor! Now my plans are ruined! Damn it! :)

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Would somebody in the community help me to get this trophy (survive 30 consecutive waves with at least a coop partner) on the easy arena? I'm playing the PS3 version, by the way; Thx a lot. :)

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"How I wish

How I wish you were here

We're just two lost souls

Swimming in a fish bowl

Year after year

Running over the same old ground

What have we found?

The same old fears

Wish you were here"

(Pink Floyd)

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I'm so sad now, after reading this article. Rest in piece, Ryan. You were amazing! :(

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@GaspoweR said:

@Alphazero said:

I will miss the achivements. Everything else looks fab.

The achievement system is being taken out completely? Man, I actually missed that part. :(

I'll miss them too... :(

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Carly was destined to die from the moment in which Doug died in episone one. And Doug was destined to die from the moment in which Carly died in episode one too. The designers simply had a "problem" since episode one, because they had to design situations in that Carly/Doug would fit equally. They couldn't keep designing two versions of the same scenes every time, and I'm sure this is the reason why Carly/Doug went back to the motel with Ben in most part of episode two. Carly/Doug couldn't be made important anymore, since they could be dead from episode one. The death of one of them in episode one in fact sets the grim fate of the surviving other later, and Telltale tried its best to postpone the inevitable moment as long as they could.

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I absolutely love Morrowind! One of the best games of all time in my list! :) Such amazing memories! I was obsessed about this game for some time!

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I am noticing the sexism in some games since I have started playing them with my wife, what is a great experience to have together. She called my atention to the clothes of the female characters, for example, and to some subtle trends that are revealed in the context or in the plots. I'm happy that she helped me to perceive this, because now I think that the games could be made so much better if we all make an effort to understand and analyze the problem like adults. :)

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My trophies sync is broken too! :(

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They are not resurrecting the studio... they are resurrecting THE NAME of the studio...