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WHAT. THE. FUCK. I opened Giant Bomb for today's GOTY stuff. What the hell man! This wasn't supposed to happen. I walked into a different universe. One I want out of. One where Patrick isn't saying Good Bye! :(

Well I won't do it. I won't say good bye. I'll stick to the cliché with See ya around Buddy!! Good luck on your future endeavours. To those of us who don't regularly check twitter aside from the Giant Bomb feed, do stop back in and let us know where you've landed.

I have a Spookin' with Scoops downloaded I haven't got around to watching yet. It'll be hard when I do. It better not be the last!!

Later, Patrick. Good luck! You'll be missed.

*reloads Giant Bomb hoping to enter another universe*

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Was a pile of shit for me too.


I reset my console. I don't mean on and off. I held the button on the console down till it shut down. I restarted it and voilà. Works well.

Well... it's far from perfect still. 343 has a lot of work to do. It's faster. But definitely not Call of Duty search times. That's a pipe dream. Anyway, this worked for me. Not guaranteed.

Still... 343 messed this one up. I'm sure it wasn't easy getting 4 games working with their own code and all so I still have complete faith in Halo 5. I bet the beta will run better than this. Anyway, back to Halo :) see you online... hopefully.

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I don't have Unity. And I don't think I ever will. But those app tied chests would piss me off! I have a Windows Phone, which I know is far from a popular mobile platform but still major enough if you ask me. If Ubisoft can't be bothered to go all for it, it says a lot about how unimportant those chests really are.

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Yeah Jeff seemed pretty negative about the whole thing during that Quick Look. Seems he's only been impressed by AW lately. Kind of getting a feeling what he'll be arguing for and against come GOTY.

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Excellent. I gladly welcome this. If only more games did this. (ahem, Destiny). Give me some nice bite sized content. Keep me coming back. Keep it fresh. Prove that it's worth coming back to and I'll happily pay for an expansion like thing. Good on em.

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Of this is just spectacular. Best news all week.

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Just glad I'm not the only one. Tweets they be a no show.

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Hey, I like smooth running game. A like a good looking one. But one of my favourite games is Mass Effect, with all its technical faults. Its texture pop in, uneven framerate. I love the film grain and I doubt it would look better to me in 1080.

It's all about the game. The content. The style. Look at Destiny, the game deliberately runs at 30, doesn't it? And it's better for it. Works well with the gameplay. How about Dark Souls? People have a special shelf in their life for those games despite the less than stellar framerate.

For me, it's simple, it's all about the enjoyment I get playing the game. I will never buy/not buy a game based on resolution and framerate. To be fair, I only own one of the two current gen consoles. So maybe my opinion doesn't hold as much weight.

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I'm so sorry, Jeff. No idea what it's like. You have my deepest sympathies. :(

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Amazing!! Very happy news. Now... next step, please Double Fine, bring this to consoles. Mainly Xbox One. Pleassseeeeeee :)