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Hey, I like smooth running game. A like a good looking one. But one of my favourite games is Mass Effect, with all its technical faults. Its texture pop in, uneven framerate. I love the film grain and I doubt it would look better to me in 1080.

It's all about the game. The content. The style. Look at Destiny, the game deliberately runs at 30, doesn't it? And it's better for it. Works well with the gameplay. How about Dark Souls? People have a special shelf in their life for those games despite the less than stellar framerate.

For me, it's simple, it's all about the enjoyment I get playing the game. I will never buy/not buy a game based on resolution and framerate. To be fair, I only own one of the two current gen consoles. So maybe my opinion doesn't hold as much weight.

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I'm so sorry, Jeff. No idea what it's like. You have my deepest sympathies. :(

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Amazing!! Very happy news. Now... next step, please Double Fine, bring this to consoles. Mainly Xbox One. Pleassseeeeeee :)

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Count me in!!

Loved the fuck outta the 360 version after seeing Vinny wreak havoc so many times. Here's hoping this version looks like the pc version :)

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That's cool. More games to play next year. I'm okay with this.

This fall looks like I'll be sucked into Destiny and Halo all over again.

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Absolutely right, Patrick. Very much agree. I killed the guy just because. Aiden was a killer and had no problem doing it or never once stopped to think about what he was doing. The story was such crap, but it would have been nice to see at least the main protagonist be a better man. Either that or Ubisoft should have gone the other way and just accepted this vigilante was a killer and own it!

Shame. Game really had promise at some point... something must have gotten lost on the way between the delay and what we got.

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Noo idea. I usually don't even look at the comments too much but Alex made a tweet and the cookie crumb trail was followed. Seems a lot of the comments were deleted. Not too sure though.

Giant Bomb community has gotten weird/rowdy lately. Wish I knew why. I've always admired and respected. Especially compared to several other places on the internet. Maybe it's better to just ignore comments like I do on other sites. Shame.

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Wow. Thank you, Patrick. I way have never have met Ryan, but it brought a tear to my eye and I choked up. It's funny how that works. It's the beauty of the internet, I guess. And this beautiful site. You get close to people without ever actually meeting them.

And I never mean to act like I knew him like people like Patrick did.

I remember when I first learned Ryan was gone. It actually wasn't here. I opened Kotaku actually and saw their Goodbye Friend post with a photo of Ryan. I stopped the rest of my life. Everything else faded into the background. I couldn't understand it. I didn't believe it. I didn't want to believe it.

A friend was gone and I never actually met him. But thanks to Giant Bomb and it's awesomeness, I felt like I did. And I'm forever grateful that you guys share your lives with us like you do. Even if it means a tough goodbye.

Miss you, Ryan. It's been a weird year without you. Never gonna be the same Giant Bomb.

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Absolutely love this site. My favourite home to go to online.

I came into today late to whatever the hell was going on. Through twitter and whatnot, I pieced it together.

I came away with knowledge that didn't surprise me and learned nothing different. The internet is full of dicks. And sadly, the shit floats above any good for the most part. There's always someone with an opinion and they don't mind being assholes.

Giant Bomb doesn't change for me, though. Still the best site and community. Not just video games.

I love the people. Always someone has something funny to say that makes me laugh and smile. Always brings me up, makes my day brighter.

The community, comments, is top. Seriously, go somewhere else and watch the ignorant flamboyant wars play out. It's unpleasant.

Giant Bomb is the best. I love it. Period. I'm a better gamer but above all, a better and more knowledgeable person because I come here :)

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Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

This is an awesome idea man :) One again Fobwashed, you've outdone yourself duder.