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Dead Space 1. Just prepare for it to go downhill with 3. Actually don't play 3. Better.

The original Dead Space is still the best in my opinion.

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@alanm26v5: you just said it right there. "option"

I look forward to going all digital. I think we'll start seeing a stronger push for a Steam Sale like approach for consoles. Pushing traditional stores out of the loop. Microsoft has long seemed like they only want digital. That way they sell movies out of the Xbox Video store too.

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Huh. Interesting. Sounds exciting. As an Xbox One fan, I'm really looking forward to this year.

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That's seriously impressive. Major props, duder!

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Hype? Not me. I bought an Xbox One cause after 8 years! I grew tired of 360 and was ready to move on. Last gen went on way too long! I know we got really good games within the last year, but still, too long.

2 months in, 7 games later and Titanfall right around the corner, I'm loving my Xbox One!

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Respawn. Only the 360 version is by another studio.

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Few things to note.

As stated about, not a patch. Just a new bullet point and option for developers.

And the optional Kinect thing isn't talking about an Xbox without Kinect. Which is already optional for gamers. Nor is it about a sku that could now exist without Kinect. It's talking about again, giving developers the option to somehow tell the Xbox to not use performance for the Kinect... I think.

I like this if it means it'll actually help make games better. But I do enjoy Kinect. It's not an accessory for me. It's part of the console. I love thru voice commands, snapping a game and TV and multitasking. Telling the Xbox what do without ever turning on the controller. Signing me in visually. And it all works rather well to be honest. I don't mind having it optional in some games as long as it does something.

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mind you, I was getting this game nonetheless. One of the bullet points for getting a Xbox One. And everything of this game sounds like it'll be just what I want!

still, a beta? Count me in. Here's to hoping that it doesn't take some ridiculous requirements to get in.

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@magzine: An interesting thought just popped into my head with this talk about Battlefield 2. I've never played it but that's not the point. My ponder is this: is it all based in nostalgia? I always think about this when considering my love for old games and how new ones just don't live up to it.

When all is said and patched, all fixed, will the younger players remember Battlefield 3 or 4 like you guys remember the great days of 2? Like with me nothing has been good as COD4. All jokes aside, that may be true but maybe it's because I remember I had a lot more fun and good times with it. I spent more time with that than any other games. Had it's problems? Oh yeah! But still.

Halo 2 and 3. I loved those games to death! Still my favourite. Reach and Halo 4 didn't do nearly as much for me. GTA Vice City. I was a lot younger, I played that game excessively. The songs, the 80's! Because I was younger, I didn't play as many games. Not like I do today. I move on to the next game a lot faster. It wasn't until GTAV that I had to really re think which GTA was my favourite.

Is it all nostalgia? I wonder. Doesn't the state of Battlefield 4 should be excused. No game should launch like that!

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Hmmm. Wow. Speaking of which. Just went to go play Battlefield 4. Tried to start it, crash to dashboard. Restarted the console. Nothing. Gonna uninstall it and re-install.

Well then...