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In my opinion, this kind of thing will only effect those who have both consoles or are still on the fence. For me, I bought my console because of the games. Not performance. Games like Titanfall and Halo and Xbox Live. I'm guessing, this early into the life of these consoles, it's the games and services of each console that made people pick em. I wonder how common it is that people chose performance over games.

The one thing I always bring up is last generation and the shit PS3 got early on for the crappy ports. Now look at that console.

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@demoskinos: if you really care about best looking games, you'd get a PC. This just starts the flame war over and over again. How about we wait and year and see what happens. Remember all the shitty ports PS3 had early on? Now, people swear by that console. You have wonderful looking games like The Last Of Us. You get a great valued service like PSN Plus.

Be the better person and don't help fuel the flames.

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"WHO CARES!?" <- What he said

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Wow!! Vinny is right. This community is the best. Bar none!

as a primary tablet user, I don't see myself using this. But damn duder! Still impressed!! Good job.

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Hmmm. As a long time buyer, I've never really noticed a hike. Or at least not a permanent one. Over the years, I've paid 59, 64 and 69. Varies with each title. I'm guessing it's due to the loonie being in the toilet right now as the American economy is on the upturn. Either way. This isn't anything new. We its get lucky sometimes and have a period of $59.

Either way, I'm going all digital too. I sure hope Titanfall will be digital day one.

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Didn't buy, but I played The Last of Us just to be part of the it. Played half way through and said no thank you. I get the praise for the story and the character but I could easily do without the actual gameplay. I get it. I just don't care.

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Hmmm. See, I didn't know about the illegal thing. I just thought this was once again everyone jumping on the "let's hate x bone!!"

I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to law. I only jumped when everyone tried to connect YouTube and journalism and ethics.

I do agree, though if it really is about the internet reacting to the principle of the matter.

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Oh my God. Really Giant Bomb? I just read this on Kotaku. They're a crappy site with some terrible and idiotic comments. I really thought I wouldn't find this thing here.

Alright fine. Let's look at this.

-YouTube is basically all about advertisements

-A company wants to pay someone for doing a commercial for their product?? Oh serenity now!! Let's just burn them at the stake now.

Let's think about commercials. You never see an actor or anyone during one of those when advertising a product say hey, I'm being paid to tell you about this.

No. They smile, promote the product in a positive manor and get paid. Simple. Good lord, internet. You guys really want any reason to shit on Microsoft this past year. Everyone does advertising!! No one is making these people do this. It's your choice. YouTube and advertising. Don't waste your energy trying to wrestle with the ethics about this.

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Hmmm. The guys who gave us the original COD4 Modern Warfare. I don't know... I just don't see it...

All sarcasm aside, if there's one thing I've always wanted, is that there was a true successor to Modern Warfare not a sequel and this seems like it's what the shooter genre needs.

Have you played a recent COD? That is the game that people bitch about this. This actually feels like a breath of fresh air!!

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Hmmm. As a general rule, I don't watch quick looks of games I either know I'm getting or am hyped for. For me, I'm the type of the guy who knows what games he wants and will play them. The Bomb Crew can sometimes bring me down about certain games so I choose to avoid them. Maybe that's being blind and naïve, but I sometimes don't let reviews and quick looks ruin the games I'm excited for. :)

There have been games where I was mildly interested in and a quick look will turn me away. Or the reverse, and a quick look or even a podcast talk or whatever will turn me onto a outta the no where game.