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Hmmm. As a general rule, I don't watch quick looks of games I either know I'm getting or am hyped for. For me, I'm the type of the guy who knows what games he wants and will play them. The Bomb Crew can sometimes bring me down about certain games so I choose to avoid them. Maybe that's being blind and naïve, but I sometimes don't let reviews and quick looks ruin the games I'm excited for. :)

There have been games where I was mildly interested in and a quick look will turn me away. Or the reverse, and a quick look or even a podcast talk or whatever will turn me onto a outta the no where game.

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Yowza! This sucks. Don't be surprised though if Nintendo once again defies odds and pulls this out of the fire.

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I get the same feeling. Seems like it could pull a Watch Dogs or even Drive Club. Remember how little notice there was about those delays??? I haven't seen nearly enough of that game considering how close we are.

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Thank you!! I said this a few weeks ago!

Now, that being said. Many have told me how this kind of style is cost effective. And games like Nidhogg is pretty cool despite how ugly I think it looks. At least these retro style games are doing different things in terms of gameplay as opposed to military shooters. (Titanfall is an exception. Super excited for that)

But still, the pixel look is boring and overused. It may be cheaper to do but it's still over done. Makes all the games that have it seems like a lot of us lump em all together.

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I like it! Thumbs up. Thanks for keeping us updated. Gotta love this site. Keep it up, Bomb Crew:)

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Hmmmmm. I could get behind this. But like everything else Halo movie related, I'll just chalk it up to pure rumour for now. It actually makes me happy that Microsoft is such a hard ass about this movie. Do it when it's done right. Cause video game movies have rarely been good. Any one actually excited for Need for Speed?

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Hey, right back atch ya!! Thank you GB Crew but also thank you GB community for being one of the better places to comment on the internet. Only place where I actually read the forums.

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Hmmm. Though I'm sad that both of those have ended, it's better when these features just happen. Spontaneously. That being said, bring on more dark souls!!

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@ilikepopcans: yes! A thousand times over. Halo Wars 2. Bring it on!! If there was ever one game I wanted a sequel to, it's Halo Wars.

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Looks beautiful as Halo's art always has. Already have it as my wallpaper. I'm excited about having Tim Longo. Sounds like he has some good time spent in the industry.

Kind of unrelated, but Microsoft Studios recently welcomed back Joe Staten. He left Bungie late last year. Was with them since 98. Makes me curious though why he left Bungie even before Destiny shipped. Anyway, he's back with Microsoft Studios. Not 343. So perhaps nothing to do with Halo.