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Hmmm. I've been thinking about this for a few weeks now. I'm impressed. Good reporting, Patrick. Lots to think about.

I like sales, they can do a lot for a game. Problem is, there are countless times when someone on a review or article comments, there's a good chance there will be at least one person who says: I'll wait for it to go on sale.

which is fine if it weren't so common. Because of the nature of sales, it's like coke or something at a supermarket. People rarely will pay full price. They know it'll go on sale. Whether it's next week or the week after. Those are constants. Just like games have become. It's sad that it affects games like this and it seems it's not just a thing of money.

Difference between say coke sales and game sales is this: with coke, it doesn't matter which week they sell it. It doesn't have a community that changes when people enjoy it.

with games, it does. Especially with online games.

I'm a big supporter of buying games new and paying full price. If the game is good and warrants it, I want to make sure I support it. Not just write off a game and say, meh. Maybe when it's on sale. That's what's become of things like Steam Sales. They're good but they've created a dark side. But then you look at it from the consumers side. They have every right to wait for a cheaper price. Not everyone can afford a full price game. And they're a lot of pros to sales.

I really like the idea of rewarding early adopters by selling it cheaper early on. It's a good move. I'd probably buy a lot more games if that were the case. It's smart. I like it.

Like I said, lot to think about. As I see right now, there are already 3 pages to this article. I'm sure they're are also a lot of "it's the consumers right"

it's a interesting topic. I'm curious to see what happens with game prices as digital becomes bigger on consoles. I think the basic business philosophy is: sell it to as many people at full price, then we'll get the rest on sale. I'm still happy to pay full price, whether that's 10, 20, or 60 bucks for a game. As long as it's worth it. I want to support developers. But I also like the idea of lower prices. Can't argue with paying less money.

Great article Patrick. Thumbs way up. Very thought provoking.

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Came to this site a few years back. I watched a quick look and as soon as I realised quick looks weren't so quick, especially compared to videos of games back then, and still some today, I knew I was in the right place. Then I got premium. And hundreds of hours of Endurance Runs later, I just can't stop Giant Bomb. It's changed video games for me. I'm more laid back and enjoy I wider variety then ever before.

Hands down, best site. Period.

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Yes. I say so.

I actually really tried to. Got a couple hours in but had to flake out. I just didn't have the patience. But I experienced it. For better or for worse. I understood it and damn, do I respect the hell out of what that game is. So I'm not saying you have to play through it all but go as far as you can. Play it to see what its all about.

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I played through Dead Rising 3, which I enjoyed a lot more than I ever thought I would, and if the frame rate did drop, I either didn't notice or didn't care. Fun is fun. Like Vinny said, it holds up pretty good considering all the zombies on screen. Sometimes frame rate just doesn't matter to some people.

My cousin plays COD Ghosts on his PS4. Every time I've been over, the drops in frame can be kind of bad. But either he doesn't notice. Or doesn't care. He enjoys it.

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In my opinion, this kind of thing will only effect those who have both consoles or are still on the fence. For me, I bought my console because of the games. Not performance. Games like Titanfall and Halo and Xbox Live. I'm guessing, this early into the life of these consoles, it's the games and services of each console that made people pick em. I wonder how common it is that people chose performance over games.

The one thing I always bring up is last generation and the shit PS3 got early on for the crappy ports. Now look at that console.

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@demoskinos: if you really care about best looking games, you'd get a PC. This just starts the flame war over and over again. How about we wait and year and see what happens. Remember all the shitty ports PS3 had early on? Now, people swear by that console. You have wonderful looking games like The Last Of Us. You get a great valued service like PSN Plus.

Be the better person and don't help fuel the flames.

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"WHO CARES!?" <- What he said

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Wow!! Vinny is right. This community is the best. Bar none!

as a primary tablet user, I don't see myself using this. But damn duder! Still impressed!! Good job.

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Hmmm. As a long time buyer, I've never really noticed a hike. Or at least not a permanent one. Over the years, I've paid 59, 64 and 69. Varies with each title. I'm guessing it's due to the loonie being in the toilet right now as the American economy is on the upturn. Either way. This isn't anything new. We its get lucky sometimes and have a period of $59.

Either way, I'm going all digital too. I sure hope Titanfall will be digital day one.

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Didn't buy, but I played The Last of Us just to be part of the it. Played half way through and said no thank you. I get the praise for the story and the character but I could easily do without the actual gameplay. I get it. I just don't care.