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I like it! Thumbs up. Thanks for keeping us updated. Gotta love this site. Keep it up, Bomb Crew:)

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Hmmmmm. I could get behind this. But like everything else Halo movie related, I'll just chalk it up to pure rumour for now. It actually makes me happy that Microsoft is such a hard ass about this movie. Do it when it's done right. Cause video game movies have rarely been good. Any one actually excited for Need for Speed?

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Hey, right back atch ya!! Thank you GB Crew but also thank you GB community for being one of the better places to comment on the internet. Only place where I actually read the forums.

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Hmmm. Though I'm sad that both of those have ended, it's better when these features just happen. Spontaneously. That being said, bring on more dark souls!!

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@ilikepopcans: yes! A thousand times over. Halo Wars 2. Bring it on!! If there was ever one game I wanted a sequel to, it's Halo Wars.

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Looks beautiful as Halo's art always has. Already have it as my wallpaper. I'm excited about having Tim Longo. Sounds like he has some good time spent in the industry.

Kind of unrelated, but Microsoft Studios recently welcomed back Joe Staten. He left Bungie late last year. Was with them since 98. Makes me curious though why he left Bungie even before Destiny shipped. Anyway, he's back with Microsoft Studios. Not 343. So perhaps nothing to do with Halo.

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Yes. I think it's very important. Look at Assassins Creed. Many swore it off after III and said no thank you to Black Flag. Myself included. Whether it was good or not. It did turn out to be one of the years biggest surprises. But many people, me as well, just didn't want to put with that same Assassins gameplay. New and exciting pirate mechanics or not. Is it ignorant for people to not even give a game a chance because of the series reputation? Yes. But in many ways it can be valid. All depends on the franchise. Time normally heals all. Or a reboot.

By the way, I loved Tomb Raider. But perhaps it's because I've never played a previous game so I had nothing to compare it too. Just knew that it was a fun and well made game :)

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Excellent. Excellent!! Thumbs way up duder.

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I haven't even played it but I'm gonna guess and give it a no. Though I'm pissed that this game is considered canon and they ruined Raidens story after 4, I think you're gonna be okay. I still recommend finishing MGS4 first. You never know. Plus it'll ruin the ending of 4 in terms of Raidens story. If you care at all about him. I know I do. Then again I'm in the small camp who actually really loved MGS2.

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Polygon just posted this. Basically Bigger is not better. I whole heartedly agree.

"It just comes back to what makes the game fun," Hendry said. "If you're making a game and you're making decisions that's not based on fun because you're trying to please someone or trying to match numbers, you're not doing the right thing.

"Why not make Call of Duty 256 players, or Battlefield 256 or 512? Maybe that would be awesome. Maybe that would be awesome for that type of game built around that, but you can't just jam players into a game and say this is what is ordained."

Call of Duty 4 was and still is the most innovative and fun shooter in years. I'm giving these guys the benefit of a doubt. Let's not all freak out because we think more players in better. Let's at least play the game. Read the article. A lot of good points.