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What sorta animation you studying?

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Yo. Well my course title is 'Computer Animation & Multimedia'. But really it's just a big mish mash of animations and other media formats. Kinda sucky that we haven't focused on one specific thing to get us up to scratch on that, but I guess I have the rest of my life for that!  
What I thought the course would be - Lots of 3D work in Maya or other computer animation programs. 
What the course is - Lots of multimedia stuff and non-practical animation work 

What I most like to create - Stop Motion Animation   

What I now think I want to get into - CGI Special Effects 
So yeah. Although I'm in my honours year, I've obtained little more than training wheels. Long road ahead!
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@Lucidforest:  Keep at it, and don't be afraid to check out other venues to learn the things you want to learn.  
Reminds me of when I took a creative writing class, thinking it was going to be prose.  The first HALF of the semester was poetry, and I wasn't interested in it, and the teacher WAS interested in it, so he would pick things apart a bit too much.  Had to wade through that to get to the part I actually wanted to do, and then one day I wrote an ode, and he said that an ode was different than what I was doing and used one of his students from another class to tell me what an ode was (turns out he was talking about a classical ode, an English ode was exactly compatible with what I was doing, even though I didn't know that at the time). He didn't criticize the substance of what I wrote, and chose to use my time to dress me down for my choice in titles!
Well, I gave that class up.  I still wonder how it would have gone, though, if I'd stuck with it.