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Like 3 years. I change it when I think of something more awesome.

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Woops! I had posted this on my phone last night, but it didn't create the links. I have just amended so that people don't have to copy and paste them. Gonna do either a Raccoon Mario or Fez Gomez one next.

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I don't even...

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I already own a lot of what has been mentioned here; Tribes, Terraria, Half Life, Braid, Borderlands etc etc. As lazy as it is, I accepted the offer of the one who actively seeked me out on steam and offered me a couple of codes. 
So now I have a spare SMNC code, heh. 
Trade for a Diablo 3 or Firefall? :P 
Hah. I kid...
Unless someone actually wants to... 
Sorry to all who posted and never got!

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My latest attempt went something like this: 
My save is on the XBOX hard drive, so I thought "okay I'll just double check that it REALLY is the save data that's not working by starting a new game from a new save in ANOTHER location. So, I chose a different save location, and started a new game. Made a some random male character, whatever stats etc, and jumped in. The game worked fine. 
I then switched the game off, deleted that save that I just created (even though it was on another hard drive, I thought I'd just get rid of it) and loaded the game back up, choosing my original hard drive with the original broken save file on it. What happened then...was fookin messed up and stupid and bizarre! Instead of loading my level 67 dude from Anor Londo, instead of not loading at all because it was broken, instead of SOMEHOW loading that new male character I just created on another hard drive, instead of all these things it went straight to the game credits, then loaded me into the start of the game as some totally random I-never-created-her-ever female character at level 0 and all her stats at 0.
And now my original character is gone forever. Level 67. Over 40 hours. Vanished. 
Dark Souls sucks.

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These are all awesome:

  • Sacrifice
  • Fear Effect
  • Skies of Arcadia
  • Dark Cloud 2
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@Bocam: I guess that's true. Although as a visual novel I can't imagine it being terribly exciting without being able to read Japanese. But I guess you could be Japanese, or maybe you simply don't mind. I'm just hoping it gets a swift translation!

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@Bocam: Good People Die will be great, but surely that won't be out for a long time? I wouldn't have thought it'd be anywhere even near the launch window.