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Of course he didn't hate it. As a member of gaming media he doesn't delve into the used game market. He lives in a very urban location where 15 meg internet connections are the norm and not the exception. Said service doesn't go down very often.

So yeah, I can see why he doesn't hate the console. However, your normal everyday people are completely justified in laughing at Microsoft for trying to make us swallow the pill.

Regardless of anything else a few things remain FACT:

(1)Any manipulation of how the used game system works now that introduces any type of fee no matter how small = BAD IDEA

(2)No backwards compatibility = BAD IDEA

(3)An occasional internet check for console to remain usable = BAD IDEA

(4)Kinect "connected" a requirement = BAD IDEA

(5)Tying games to your account = BAD IDEA

The 5 things above are instant no purchase reasons each by themselves. Combined they are a laughable blunder. Even if some of the above turn out to not be exactly as described, the very fact they haven't released any official confirmations or denials means this console in a no-go for me. If they weren't prepared to answer the questions they should have waited until they were. As it stands now they completely come across as trying to pull the curtain over the truth until the last minute. All the exclusives in the world won't get them my money after that. They have wasted untold millions on developing technologies that absolutely no one really wants. I am not going to run my TV service through the console so it can immediately start tracking and disseminating what my habits are. Anonymity is rare enough as it is. I'm not going to have them tracking my every move because that's just what they're going to fuel your customized ads from. And let's not even start with Kinect watching you all the time. Very creepy. Very Orwellian. No thanks.

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So now that they're cutting out the used games industry they have been CRYING about for so long how will they excuse away still charging $60 for a game? Let's be honest. The price raised to $60 so they could, at least in part, get their cut. That was planned for years. Now, the rumors are that game prices are going to at least raise to $70. It's fun watching companies implode. If everyone is paying full price, or close to full price, for your games instead of these SUPER low used game prices you can back the price of games off right? We all know that won't happen because you are greedy. And you are going to lose in the end because of it.

If Sony doesn't require a daily internet ping and doesn't place any restrictions on playing used games or lending them to friends they win. Period. Hands down. Microsoft can deny this all they want. They see the backlash and are backpedaling. But the damage is done. I won't even consider buying one of these now. I already have a powerful gaming PC or two, Satellite TV, and a Roku. Don't need this at all, especially if they are going place all these ridiculous restrictions on the thing. And frankly, I don't want or need a Kinect. Don't have one now, and won't be forced to have a camera on watching the room at all times. That is a nightmares waiting to happen with some industrious hackers invading people's privacy...

I have a feeling PC gaming is going to make a massive comeback soon.

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Just another reason for me to never buy another EA product. They are just another politically correct org. trying to make sure the appease all the Socialist losers who want gun control. Of course, with so many gaming "industry" slanted hard to Socialism/Communism it kind of fits.

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A "console" that won't connect to the internet. GREAT idea.

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Doesn't matter. They will sell a ton of systems. Lessons won't be learned.

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Wonder if GB will embarrass itself yet again with another 5/5 score for a GTA game. Probably.

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Must be nice to be a rich video game designer that is able to take years off.

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@Peanut: You can try to recover all you want. But you already revealed what you are. A lowbrow moron. You can throw out your fuck you's all day long tough guy. It just makes you look that much less intelligent than you already do.

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@Peanut: And people like you trying to look intelligent and mature by taking the virtual "high road" are even worse.

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Nintendo won't be getting a dime of my money this time. And a base price of $250 for this under powered piece of junk? Too funny.