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From the radio show discussion I had thought they might add a player that would incorporate user comments along the progress bar that highlighted specific times of the video, similar to what soundcloud does for their audio player. My only gripe with the player is not being able to jump to any time of the video without it fully downloaded, with longer videos there really needs to be that option. Other than that it seems fine.

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I really like the addition of resume play for the Roku app but I notice that I can't resume a video after leaving it on pause for an extended period of time. I have to go back to the Roku home screen and relaunch the app. Is there a way to fix it so you can resume videos without having to leave and come back in the app? Other then that I'm loving the app.

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The Roku app seems decent, any plans to add a resume play where you left off feature to Roku app like the old one had? A lot of videos on the site are long enough that require two sittings to get through and don't always remember where I left off. Sorry if this is more of a suggestion than a bug but was not sure where the best place to post it. I was looking for a suggestion forum to post this but was unable to find one. If one does not exist I would also like to suggest a suggestion forum.

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The Roku App does not separate the videos into their respective categories. No matter what category you go to it's the same videos list as the newest videos. Since the app does not let you browse videos in the archives this limits what you can watch on there by a lot. I am using a Roku XD.

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 Naruto ultimate ninja storm 2 or dragon ball raging blast 2. Even if your not a fan of the anime these games are really visually exciting to watch. I think it would be entertaining just watching Ryan and Jeff play these games begrudgingly.