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What do you guys think of this? Those who don't have a Bone, is this gonna tip you over the edge? I think it reeks of desperation... But it just might get me to buy one.

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I have three to offer:

The Muppets - How does Muppets pinball not already exist? The possibilities are endless.

Adventure Time - Rainicorn ramps? BMO video mode? This thing practically designs itself.

Futurama - Not really a fan of the show, but it would probably make a good pinball table.

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Reasons why New Twin Peaks will not end up like season 2 of Old Twin Peaks:

1) It's finite. They're not picking it up as a series and trying to milk it and keep it going forever. It's a limited, 9 episode series, with a clear endpoint. As such, Lynch will know exactly where he's going with all this, which wasn't necessarily true of season 2.

2)Lynch has had 25 years to think of a satisfactory ending.

3)Lynch has the benefit of hindsight, knowing exactly what people did and didn't like about the series.

4)No meddling network. The death knell for the series was the revelation of Laura Palmer's killer. This revelation was brought about by the network's desire for ratings. Again, New Twin Peaks being a limited series, there's no way that Showtime could make demands halfway through the series.

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I watched G4 a bunch when I was younger, and there was an episode of Cinematech that showed trailers/gameplay from various Japanese games, from Katamari (well before anyone knew what Katamari was) to Yoshinoya. One of the videos I remember being the weirdest thing I had ever seen (I had not seen an Alexandro Jodorowsky movie at that point). After much searching, I found the video. The game is Akudaikan 2: Mousou for the PS2, which, shockingly, is not in the database.

After watching it for the first time in years, it's just as weird as when I first saw it. Can any of you find a weirder intro to a game, Japanese or otherwise? I really got nothing.

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I was thinking about the characters of Brie (The Walking Dead) and Henry (The Last of Us) and how they look like real people that you would sit next to on a subway or something, as opposed to Joel or Lee, who look like they were video game characters who were designed. I know that in the case of Brie, that actually was a real lady who won a contest to appear in the game, but it got me thinking: why don't video game characters look more like real people? I'm not talking about Sheperd from Mass Effect where he was based on a Swedish model, but fucking real-ass people that you would see every day. It's very noticable when game characters look like average people, and I for one appreciate when that happens. It's almost like an uncanny valley effect when you see video game characters that are very obviously designed. Can you think of more characters that look like average people you would see every day?

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Being queer, I am contractually obligated to reply in any LGBT-related thread. By the way, they make you sign a contract. Not a lot of people know that.

I'm seeing a lot of viewpoints I vehemently disagree with in this thread, and some that I even find reprehensible, but this one is so full of stupidity that I had to respond.

@l4wd0g said:

I do not agree with what you have to say (Brenden Eitch), but I'll defend to the death your right to say it. - Voltaire.

I just don't think corporations or governments should tell people how to live their lives.

What OkCupid is doing is borderline National Socialism. For example, if OkCupid said, "Mozilla’s new CEO, Brendan Eich, is a Jew. We would therefore prefer that our users not use Mozilla software to access OkCupid." Would that be OK?

Seriously? You did NOT just compare homophobes to Jews during the Holocaust. Especially considering that the Holocaust was not just anti-Semetic, but homophobic as well. At least 10,000-25,000 gay people were killed. And you're comparing a boycott to that?

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So now that you've made Flappy Bird go away, the top charts are filled with all kinds of Flappy Whatevers trying to take its place.

I hope you're happy, made-up person I'm talking to. In the words of Jeff, you people are monsters.

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Alexandro Jodorowsky's Twitter (@alejodoenglish) produces some gems.

"There is up in our asses a intimate realitizzle dat be reppin tha cosmos n' extendz beyond tha limitz of our ego n' our ordinary mind."

"To sow peace up in tha ghetto, diminish tha pimped outnizz of yo' ego n' increase profound respect fo' tha others."

"When you hear what tha fuck has no sound n' peep what tha fuck has no form, then yo big-ass booty is ghon be wise."

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There's kind of a big difference between Anna and Jeff making jokes and us making jokes. They are his wife and best friend, respectively. We're just a bunch of random jerks on the internet.

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I've heard accounts from people who were alive when the Beatles were coming out with Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt Pepper, and that stuff was so wildly different from everything else in that genre at the time that you listened to it and you're just like "...huh."

That's how I felt listening to this.